You may have the best quality vape, but it is of no use if you fail to maintain it properly. Keeping your e-cigarette in good shape is crucial for an enjoyable vaping session. All vapes go through the process of wear and tear, and their performance deteriorates. If looked after properly, these factors can be overcome, and the same hit can be achieved. Some helpful tips on keeping your vapes in the best condition have been discussed.

Do not let e-liquid run out


There are some holes given in the atomizers. Ensure that the juice level does not drop below these holes. Since at that level, the atomizer would not be able to draw enough e-liquid for a hit. This contains the threat of causing a dry burn. You may suddenly taste a foul essence. Due to this, the atomizer may also burn out. So keep topping the e-liquid whenever you feel it is running low. It is important to mention that in the process of filling the tank, refrain from overfilling since this can flood the clearomizer.

Keep e-liquid away from light


It is highly recommended that you store your e-juice as far as possible from light. Light can cause chemical reactions in the e-liquid, which can destroy the flavor. Your Pina Colada Puff Bar Plus might not taste the same. It will be better to freeze them.

The battery terminal should be clean


If the terminals of the batteries in your vaping device get dirty, the performance of the device can be affected. Dirty terminals also have the potential of causing problems connecting to the clearomizer. Cleaning the terminals regularly with a cotton bud can keep it running smoothly. You can also try cleaning the clearomizer in the same manner as above. Many users have reported that they thought their vapes to be dead, but the devices started working again with a good cleaning of the battery.

Storing the vapes properly


Tiny air holes are present on the clearomizer, which performs the task of providing an adequate flow of air near the coil so that the temperature of the e-cigarette can be regulated. These holes also help in making the wick saturated with e-liquid. If the vapes are not kept in a normal position or are kept upside down, then there is a risk of the e-liquid traveling outside these holes, and the vape could leak. So, ensure that you always keep the vape in an upright position. Keep them far away from the presence of water. Make sure that they are never exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid keeping them in high temperatures.

Atomizer and clearomizer cleanliness


If you maintain the clearomizer and atomizer properly, the performance can be enhanced, and the atomizer life can be extended. You can clean it by following these steps. Detach the clearomiser carefully from the battery. Separate the atomizer and mouthpiece. Wash it in warm water. The temperature of the water should not be too high. Keep it for drying for at least 24 hours. There is some specialized ultrasound drying equipment which can also be used for cleaning purposes.

Having a case for your vapes


Whenever you vape or even when your e-cigarettes are lying idle, there is always a risk of them falling. To avoid the consequences of this mishap, vape cases were introduced. Vapes are small in size, and cases can prevent them from getting lost. Trousers have a reputation for breaking vapes since a slight bend can cause the vapes to snap. Keeping them in cases can help you get rid of this too.

Always keep some charge in your battery


Keeping even a small amount of charge in your e-cigarettes at all times can go a long way in extending their life. So, do not use the vapes until their batteries are completely exhausted. Make sure to keep the batteries fully charged when you are going on vacation or even a small trip.

Replace coil and atomizer regularly


With each vaping session, coils are consumed more and more. Most clearomizers come with replaceable coils. So, make it a habit to change the coil each month to get the best out of your vapes. Also, change the coil when you are receiving a burnt taste or listening to a gurgling-like sound while smoking.


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