According to a report generated by the CDC, about 18% of American adults smoke cigarettes. If you take into account how early people start smoking, the statistic is not surprising. Everyone remembers their first cigarette, even if the details are fuzzy now. For teenagers, smoking is almost like a rite of passage. It is not uncommon for them to sneak a cigarette and hide from their parents to smoke.

However, what starts as a moment of thrill-seeking quickly translates into an addictive habit. Before we know it, one cigarette becomes two, and two become an entire carton. More and more Americans are addicted to nicotine than any other drug.

Smoking is not an easy habit to get rid of. It requires serious effort on your part, along with serious willpower, to put the cigarette down for the last time. Once you successfully quit smoking, you feel withdrawals. You can seek the appropriate help, such as seeing a counselor, joining a support group, seeing a doctor, or choosing some tobacco alternatives like herbal cigarettes and e-cigarette. Using these devices helps you minimize the risk and save you from inhaling any tar and other chemicals like carbon monoxide.

Many smokers find success with e-cig, but it’s not a permanent solution as it has its own side effects. It works with the help of e-liquid. You can buy premium e-liquid from different online stores. These e-liquids come in a variety of flavors, depending on your choice. But remember, this option is only to help you quit smoking.

Unfortunately, the addiction runs extremely deep, and the habit is not easy to get rid of. So if you’ve hit a point where you want to quit smoking, this article is for you. We have a list of alternate products to help you curb your smoking habit. Here’s what you need:

1.      Nicotine Patches

No one turns cold turkey overnight. If you’re struggling with addiction and suddenly stop taking that product, the withdrawals are incredibly severe. In some cases, you may feel nauseous, weak, and dizzy. It is counterproductive to your purpose. You can’t combat addiction by making yourself sick. So you should gradually help your system get rid of the nicotine in your system. In such cases, go for a nicotine patch. Nicotine patches are available at every drug store. You apply the patch on your shoulder, and it works by delivering small amounts of nicotine into your skin. These small doses of nicotine help you fight off your cravings. Gradually you can change the patches into smaller doses of nicotine till you’re at a point where you don’t feel any cravings.

2.      Nicotine Gum

Smoking also keeps your mouth busy. For smokers, not having a cigarette in their mouth can cause significant distress. So another product to help fight off the feeling of having something in your mouth is nicotine gum. Just like a nicotine patch, nicotine gum delivers small doses of nicotine into the system. The idea is to wean you off nicotine by decreasing the amounts slowly. Ultimately you will hit a point that you won’t feel like reaching for nicotine gum anymore.

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3.      Lozenges

Lozenges are nicotine-based candies. There is a range of products since not everyone will go for the same products to curb their addiction. For instance, some people may not like the idea of putting a patch on their skin. They can also be hypersensitive to anything that goes on their skin. To use lozenges, place them under your tongue or in your mouth. However, you feel comfortable. You need to suck on them throughout the day, and it can take up to 20 lozenges. However, please don’t overdo it and take more than necessary. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or feel a headache, you should stop immediately. The last thing you want is to fall sick while trying to recover from your smoking problem.

4.      Nicotine Inhaler

For some users, gums, candies, and patches are useless or don’t want to try them. In those cases, there are inhalers in the market for them. These are tiny plastic tubes that are structurally similar to a pen. Every time you take a puff, it releases nicotine, which directly goes into your system. It, once again, will help you curb your habit of smoking.

5.      Nicotine Nasal Spray

Nicotine nasal sprays are similar in size and shape to any ordinary nasal spray used for allergies or congestions. However, these nasal sprays work differently than the ones you take for sinus treatment. It would help if you sprayed in such a way that the spray sits in your nostril. These sprays are easy to use and handy for those struggling with a hefty smoking habit.

6.      Prescription Patches

These are similar to nicotine patches but need a prescription before you can use them. That is because they contain a level of nicotine that is not suitable for usage by everyone. It is primarily for smokers who are heavily into the addiction and need something more substantial than gums and regular patches to curb their cravings. Once again, if you feel even slightly disoriented or sick, immediately stop using the patches. Consult your doctor on your next move.

What Happens After I Quit Smoking?

The benefit of quitting smoking will show on your physical appearance and your overall health. You may even feel more active and energetic compared to when you would smoke. Your skin will clear up, and your head will no longer feel fuzzy. Instead, you’ll be attentive and alert to everything happening around you.

You also decrease the chances of getting heart diseases and prevent cancer from occurring. Your nails, teeth, and complexion will also clear up, and you won’t have lingering tobacco on your breath. Your immune system will also be in much better shape. Your hormones come back to their usual range, and you also no longer have to struggle with lower body fat.

What If I can’t Quit?

As promising the recovery sounds, it will only go in this direction if you decide to put a pause to your habit early. The longer you prolong your addiction, the reduce your chances of recovery. You may end up with scarring in your lungs that are irreversible and may need to see a doctor to find treatment options. You may also end up with emphysema which is damaged air sacs. As a result, you may feel breathless and have trouble breathing. In most extreme cases, if you don’t stop smoking early, you may get cancer or need support for breathing. It is the most extreme situation that occurs if you can’t quit. So, for the sake of your health, try to stop now.

Wrap Up

Most people have tried a cigarette. Trying a cigarette is not possible, but when it turns into an addiction, that’s a severe problem. To curb your addiction, you need to implement several steps. Start by getting rid of all smoking products from your house and switch over to over-the-counter products. These include patches, gums, candies, inhalers, nasal sprays. If you still feel addicted, try seeing a doctor and getting prescriptions for pills and patches with a dose of nicotine not suitable for free use. Giving up smoking benefits your health greatly but only when done early.

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