The world, even the most premium nations, feel helpless in front of the virus that has taken a toll over our lives. Coronavirus, the lethal virus has disrupted the chain of the universe. Everything has come to a halt, including the lives of many, who lost their lives fighting against the lethal virus.

Over 90% of the world is staying indoors, weighing their life choices and making new resolution to start a better life once the virus leaves us. The best movers at state that this is the time people are utilizing in making life decisions and moving to a new place is one such important aspect to think of.

One of major considerations that most of the Americans ponder is whether they are living in a safe place or not. Are all the facilities, luxuries and other desirable amenities available to them? The long term seclusion from the most of the factors affecting life decisions, have given time to the common man to evaluate their life decisions, rating expectations, dreams, neighborhood and society they live in.

A major population, by the end of the pandemic, must have planned to move to a state with better opportunities, growth aspects and top most, safety and security for them and their family. For your rational plans to become a reality, it is important to incorporate them with some facts and figures.

As per the experts there are US cities that are rated safer than the rest of the US. While these cities offer profound life options, they also ensure that people can stay safe, far from the reach of viruses. If not completely protected, than have enough facilities and protection to keep themselves safe during times like COVID-19 pandemic.

Relocation as a possible solution:

Most of the people are planning to relocate. They aspire to move to a better place, and stay safe, in cites that have are better prepared for the fight with pandemics like Coronavirus. Whether naturally born or manmade, there are visible evidence that the future has a lot of such catastrophe coming our way. So, are their cities in the US that can be claimed better than others? Are their better living conditions in any of the states of US that offer you a shield against pandemics like the one in existence?

It won’t be the first time when people will leave their native places to move to a safer place because of the pandemics. From the Cholera epidemic to the Spanish flu, the life changing decision to uproot from one place to settle in a safer place was taken time and again.

Combining the data of some of the most reputed international organizations and surveying institutions we have made an effort to bring certainty to your plans. Whether you trust the tax exemptions as a determiner of better life or scale job opportunities as the factor to rate your future safe at a new city, here are some of the options you have to relocate to once the restriction on moving houses is lifted in your state.

Where to move to after Coronavirus?

A study has recently concluded that Columbia. Maryland is one of the safest city to live in America. The list included some of the highly populated as well as some cities with meager population. The cities that top the list were Fort Lauderdale, Florida, San Bernadino, California, Detroit, Michigan, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

So, how are these cities claimed as risk free or safe for your future life? Well, there are a range of determiner that indicate towards a better and safer life possibility in these cities. From lower risk of natural disaster to profound medical facilities and regularized population, these cities are far better when compared to prominent cities like New York and St. Louis, Missouri.

Other factors that make these cities a potential relocation destination is availability of second mortgage, better health insurance options, community harmony, low crime rate, affordability and off course a better top management by the state governors.

As recorded, the cross border moves in America were recorded at 66,308 whereas it was earlier recorded as 71,092 in 2018. This year, the numbers would swell significantly, as more and more people will move on to better choices.

Cities like Colorado, which saw a boost in their inbound relocation will now see surging outbound movement. New York specifically will get a hit as the city has failed miserably in handling the pandemic. The government has claimed that density of the population has been a key obstruction in regulating the spread of the virus. However, experts have to say otherwise.

While the debate would be endless, at the end, population did boost the spread of the lethal virus. The more carriers available around, the worse this virus spread, taking lives of thousands while leaving several more stranded, unemployed and unsure about their future.

Colorful hands

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The safest cities in the US:

America is one large nation with many cities and for sure there are some safer than the rest. You choices for moving after coronavirus include but aren’t limited to:

  • Columbia, Maryland
  • Yonkers, New York
  • South Burlington, Vermont
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Aurora, Illinois
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Brownsville, Texas
  • Lewiston, Maine

The cities are a few of those which fulfill the criteria of safety as well as offer assurance of happiness ratings, overall financial stability, type of climate and better GDP.  While the final decision certainly would be yours, the list will help shape the right direction. It brings a lot of factors together to create a criteria for evaluating the best relocation option and offer you a chance to embrace a better and safer life.

The coronavirus fight is far from over, but, this indeed is an opportunity to reevaluate your future goals and how you plan to achieve them. Is moving to a better and safer city right for you? If yes, you know the options already!

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