E-commerce – this is the most searchable term these days, while we all stuck at home, online websites are our most significant companion nowadays. From offline marketing to online marketing our shopping journey has evolved to the next level. We do not really have to take any kind of headache; from the comfort of our living room we can buy anything online with just one click. Rather than buying from one website we prefer to buy from different niche-oriented websites, for example, if we are looking for pet foods we often prefer to buy pet foods and all from a pet-oriented website. So far as we are switching to online shopping to an extent level we are always looking for a hassle-free experience. So, let us discuss how we can improve an online website to make the customer journey hassle-free, offer customers online coupons, coupon codes to convert them.


Improve your grammar – Grammatical error puts a direct impact on the customer’s mind, if the spelling of the word is not correct and the sentence formation is not correct it looks unprofessional, and people will think the website as a scam and they will not buy from the website. So, make you while you are designing the website, there is no grammatical mistake.


Mobile-friendly website – As per Google at present there are 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users around the world! Most of the people are using mobile to surf the online world, so it is crucial to make the website mobile-friendly. It means making the website fast enough for mobile devices. It will put an impact on the visitor’s mind that you really care for them.


Customer reviews for social proof – It is one of the important parts of an online website, it has a great impact on visitors’ minds. If there are reviews from other buyers people rely on the website too often, because they start to think that the website is authentic enough to commit something.


Free shipping – “Free Shipping” is a magical word to customers, it literally works as a booster. When you are offering free shipping there is a physiological hack, people start to think that they have to pay for the goods only, and they buy the goods from your website and come back later also to buy again. It gives a perfect boost to your website.


Discount Coupon codes – When you are shopping online, the pricing might be an issue, the customer might think that the price is too high for the particular goods, so they bounce back and don’t buy anything. To make them buy the thing you can provide them with a discount code to grab a discount on their purchasing value, and psychologically it has a great impact on the customer behavior, it seems to them that they are special and they start to buy often.


Instant search option – Customers always look for an easy and hassle-free experience on any online website, they want to find things quickly. So an instant search button is a good option, it helps people to search for anything quickly. It helps to make the user experience smooth and also increases the chance of a conversion.


High-quality photos – When you are offering high-quality product photos with different angles of the product, customers can relate to the product virtually, they can imagine the product color, size, and all other important factors. So you should provide high-quality photos in the product pages.


Live chat option – It will be a good option if you can provide live chat support, so if people face any kind of problem or if they have any kind of question they can ask directly to the customer support team. It will clear customer doubt and they will make a quick decision about buying something from your website, it also increases the conversion rate more often.


Average order value – People like to buy in a bundle if you are giving them a discount for buying more, so it is also a good option to lure the customer to buy your products, provide them discount for buying more, it will increase the average order value and your customer will be happy for getting more stuff for a lesser amount.


Hassle-free payment options – Most of the people are comfortable with Cash On Delivery, cause they want to make sure about the product before paying for it. So you should have to provide a comfortable and hassle-free payment method. If the customer is paying via any cards, UPI’s or any kind of online mode they should not have to face any kind of complexity, it will be better to provide them a one-click payment method. You should have to provide a COD option too, to increase the conversion rate.


No signup – There is an online website that forces people to make an account on their websites before purchasing, it is a bad idea, most of the customers don’t like to make an account, they just don’t. So provide them an option, they can make an account or if they don’t want to, then they can proceed without making an account. This has a phenomenal impact on the customer mind, they just love it.


User-friendly description – It is the most important part of your website, your products description stand-alone while the customer wants to know more about the product, write product description in a manner that you are describing it to someone, products benefits, specifications, what will be in the parcel and all. This will make life easier for the customer and they will be more likely to buy from your website.


So, we have discussed the main pain points of a customer journey and these points are influencing, customers make decisions more likely spending on that points, so make sure you have clarified the above points and apply it to your website. So, and in addition offer customer discount codes, promo codes, online coupons, coupon codes to convert them.


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