Being a petite girl can be challenging, especially in mainstream fashion. We keep seeing tall skinny models fluttering diverse dresses, but nothing seeks out for the small population. It becomes bewildering for short folks to style the perfect fit or pick the appropriate pattern, but that shouldn’t hinder confidence. If you are trying to figure out a stunning outfit for your body, nothing can be more appealing than an attractive dress. 

Simply follow the tips mentioned below to make every day your fashion runway.

Midi Cocktail Fit

Hold on! Before you start groaning about knee-length dresses being a natural nemesis of petite girls, this attire is on a whole new level. A midi cocktail dress that finishes just below your knees and is entirely body-hugging is something you cannot miss out on. Check out a fine collection here. Dresses that end below your knees proffer an illusion of slim and long legs, making your body look proportionate and lofty. Not to mention, cocktail pieces have their distinct way of complimenting your fashion sense. However, do not reach out for a midi that ends in the calf region as such dresses complement short heights.

Vertically Striped Dresses

It might sound silly, but patterns and prints can make all the difference to your outfit. While looking for a striped one-piece dress, you need to make sure that the stripped design is in vertical order. Such a pattern will deliver a comprehensive view of your body, deluding the impression of your actual height. Horizontal stripes can be acceptable for tops, but you don’t want to mess with them in a dress. Flat prints will only make you look wide and short.

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Empire Waist 

Another critical point about dresses that you need to consider is the waistline. While bodycon cocktail dresses fit faultlessly to your body, hiding the midsection, you cannot take that gamble with flowy midi dresses. When choosing a flowy dress with a waist design, always opt for an empire waist. In empire waist dresses, the waistline lies above the actual waist area and below the bust region. This distinctive design creates an illusion of lengthier legs and a shorter torso, giving a perfect camouflage of your lower body.

Belts and Buckles

Following the same line as the previous recommendation, belts are the next best thing to keep closer to you. You can add a belt of your preference in a dress or choose one attached with a belt. Make sure the belt is affixed below your bust region and not on your torso. This way, the torso will appear shorter and create an elongated image of your lower body, deceiving the naturally perceived body proportion.

Flared Minis

If body-hugging dresses are not your cup of tea, then mini dresses in flares down the waistline are the right alternative for you. While you pick one, make sure the stature is actually mini, ending way above your knee line. Such a fit will reveal more of your lower body, making it appear longer than the other parts. Being petite, the last thing you want to model is a dress that ends directly on your knee line. 

Monochrome Magic

When I say magic, you better believe it. As a petite angel, you are sure to fall in love with monochromatic dresses. One color dresses like an all-black bodycon fit or flared mini dress will deliver a perfectly put-together guise of your body. It will make your proportions vaguely detailed, tricking the actual proportion and creating a perfect illusion. This trick is also very essential for someone curvy. The color magic will complete your short height and make you look whole.

With these effective tips kept in mind, it is time to divert that petite curse into a blessing and let go of your insecurities.

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