2021 is the year to bring back the 1990s. That’s right—from bare midriffs to butterfly clips, the ‘90s are back in full force. ‘90s or no, here are the top trends of 2021 to lookout for.

The ‘90s Revival

Seeing their youth discovered and relieved by Gen Z may have Millennials cringing, or wishing they’d saved their scrunchies and cropped cardigans. But either way, the ‘90s are back in full force. Yes, from skorts to middle parts, the slow return of the ‘90s has been inevitable for a while.

What else are the youths bringing back though? Sheath dresses, layered t-shirts and skater jeans are all on the horizon. There are even rumors of zigzag parts and butterfly skirts popping up. Along with mom jeans,trends are gearing towards grunge. Ready or not. The ‘90s are back!

Jewel Tones and Lavender

Along with the return of the ‘90s, saturated hues will be on the menu for the rest of 2021. Face it. This year was not the bright ray of positivity expected, so maybe no one can bear the typical muted tones of fall and winter like usual. No matter the reason, be prepared to dawn jewel tones through the end of the year.

Though bright shades are on top, there’s still an autumn twist ahead. Look for goldenrod yellow, deep magenta and emerald green. This trend can be a lot of fun if you mix and match your bright hues.

In addition to jewel tones, lavender is another great color trend this fall. Though some are rich and saturated, be on the lookout for pale lavender as well. Lavender works for statement pieces, like a bright blazer too. Mix and match different shades of lavender and purple for a fun monochromatic look.

Sequins, Sparkles and Emerald Cuts

Emerald was mentioned as a great color option, but emerald works for stone cuts too. The classic emerald cut diamonds are back. If you’re getting engaged this year, expect to see the exquisite emerald cut engagement rings having a hayday in local jewelry stores.

In addition to emerald cut, expect sequins and sparkles too. Whether you’re going out for a night of the town, or just trying to drive out the gray of winter, nothing will liven a night up like a bit of sparkle. This includes shiny metallics too. And the best part—they can be worn anywhere! Wear your sparkles to lunch, a coffee date or the grocery store.

There may be fewer black tie events to wear them too, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed. Pair with something laid back, like a t-shirt or sneakers, for a casual touch.

Midriff Sets and Sweater Vests

Bare midriffs have been the standard for a few years, and this fall will be no different. There’s one new twist on the trend though. Look for matching midriff bearing sets. This too is a throwback to the ‘90s, when bare bellies and matching sets were both all the rage.

Along with the bare midriff, yet another ‘90s throwback is on the horizon, and this one is à la Chandler Bing. If you haven’t guessed yet, the sweater vest is back. The most popular include those with texture and detailing in an oversized fit. During warm weather, a sweater vest is great as a single layer, and they can be layered in colder months. Who doesn’t love a year-round accessory?

Textured Handbags

Like with sweater vests, texture is all the rage in handbags too. Be on the lookout for crossbody styles that could pass for puffer coats. Woven leather and patterned stitching are other options. Though many are in an eggshell tone, watch out for patterns like zebra or leopard print as well.

This trend comes in all shapes and sizes too. Look for an easy going clutch or a large laptop bag. Crossbody is a fun and easy option for a day on the town and a small, puffy clutch will take you far during a night out.

Whether you choose to bring back the ‘90s or other bright, shiny trends this year, here’s to dressing and looking your best in 2021.

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