Millennials are an unfairly misaligned generation. Some think millennials are entitled and fragile, while others think they’re dealing with previous generations’ mistakes. Whatever your opinion, if you’re a millennial, you need to arm yourself (figuratively) against a world that definitely has opinions about you. Here are 10 things no millennial should be without.


  1. A smartphone


We know it sounds obvious, but no self-respecting millennial should be seen anywhere without a smartphone. These devices connect us to those around us and help us become informed and empowered. Whether you’re reading up on astrology or starting a revolution from your socials, your smartphone should be a constant companion.


  1. Social media accounts


The debate about whether social media is good or bad rages on. Some think it’s an essential tool for connecting people, while others think it’s driving us further apart. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. As a millennial, you should be using your social accounts responsibly. Having them is great, but make sure you’re not spreading fake news or abuse.


  1. Streaming service subscriptions


In the age of the millennial (and the Gen Z-er), the time for outright buying media is over. Instead, millennials stream music, movies, and anything else they need to consume. Unless you’re consciously old-fashioned, grabbing a Spotify or Netflix account is crucial if you want to keep yourself sane in an increasingly insane world. Twitch is also a good shout for gamers.


  1. Coffee shops (and good coffee)


Millennials – and Gen Z after them – are drinking less alcohol. Maybe it’s because money feels tighter, or maybe it’s because alcohol simply feels like a less logical purchase for that age group. Whatever the reason, millennials aren’t drinking, so they need good coffee. Chains probably won’t cut it unless they start to up their game, since millennials tend to favour gourmet coffee.


  1. Financial knowledge


Financial knowledge – specifically, how to manage your finances – isn’t really something you’re taught in school. If you had an economics class, it was probably pretty brief. As such, you need to get yourself educated about finances. Savings, insurance policies, and how to pay your bills are all things you’ll need to know. Even millennials well into their 30s can struggle with these fundamentals.


  1. Healthy food ingredients


Millennials have been called “the wellness generation”. This isn’t a generation that prides itself on greasy, unappealing food. Instead, millennials are flocking to healthier diets both for themselves and for the environment. That’s a good thing, so if you’re a millennial, start stocking up on healthy ingredients like vegetables, nuts, and low-fat oil alternatives.


  1. Ambition


Many generations prior to the millennial generation were content to simply work a job they didn’t like much and save money for a house or for their children’s future. Not so millennials. This generation wants to work for something that’s meaningful and long-lasting. If you’re a millennial – or a Gen Z-er, or whoever comes next – make sure you’re thinking about your long-term life goals.


  1. A laptop


Supposedly, there isn’t much traditional TV-watching going on in the millennial generation. Most millennials simply watch Netflix or other subscription services on their laptops, and why not – laptop screens are pretty powerful these days. Even desktop PCs seem to be on the wane amongst millennials, so make sure you invest in a powerful laptop to drive your day-to-day needs.


  1. Public transport


It may be true that millennials aren’t actually killing car ownership, but it’s also true that more of this generation relies on public transport than any before it. A millennial wants solid public transport links; they want good bus and rail options and failing that they want a robust network like Uber to pick up the slack. If you’re a millennial, it might be time to ditch the car and go public instead.


  1. Vapes


Vaping is supposedly becoming more and more popular among millennials. We’re not surprised; it’s a much more environmentally friendly and passive smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. We’re not suggesting you take up vaping if you’re a non-smoker – please don’t – but if you are a smoker, you should ditch your cigs in favour of this superior alternative.


  1. An exercise routine


What with millennials being much more into wellness and health than other generations, it stands to reason that exercise is more important to this age group than it has been to any other. A solid, dependable, and effective exercise routine is critical for the modern millennial. Getting in shape and understanding how that benefits not only you but those around you is a strong characteristic for millennials to have.


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