The Dilemma of Dresses

Depending on where you live in the world, dresses will most likely pop up somewhere in your life as a woman for an event. Proms, weddings, religious events, so many big moments involve getting dressed to the nines. Small moments are no different. There are first dates and anniversaries, first days of school, baby showers, and hundreds of moments in-between. These are events where a dress may be the perfect outfit choice. If only we can get the correct fitting undergarments to go with the dress. It is often the confusing, frustrating, and downright anger-inducing part of getting dressed for an event. It is eye-opening how something that no one sees can make such a big difference in how we look and feel. How are other women making it look so easy? They do not have bra straps showing, their boobs look perky, and they look so put together. What is their secret!?

How Do Celebrities Make It Look So Effortless?

The answer is simple, available to everyone online, and celebrities have been using it for years. They use boob tape for dresses. We all have seen the classic and risque dresses on our favorite celebrities as they walk the red carpet. We have wondered how their dresses stay in place. Stylists have been utilizing boob tape when dressing celebrities on the red carpet for years. It was only until several years ago that they started revealing their secrets online and in magazines. This curtain lifted, and we finally realized that we could look as fabulous in gowns and dresses as they do. Shapewear, nipple covers, double-sided fashion tape, and similar products have flooded the market in recent years. It is good news for those of us looking to make sure we look fabulous in our prom and bridesmaid dresses, the flowy maxi on a first date or the little black dress for a girl’s night out. Unfortunately, with the influx of products on the market, there are good products and poorly performing products. Boob tape is included in this as well. There are products marketed as boob tape that are uncomfortable, not supportive, and have no adhesive staying power. Well-performing products are out there for someone looking for boob tape for dresses if you know where to look.

What Products Work for Us at Home?

One of the best boob tape products available is BoobHold. Hypoallergenic and 100% latex-free, their products come in black and four shades of skin tone, are available in tape or self-stick bras and can be bundled with nipple covers for ultimate comfort when wearing. Boobhold offers:

  • 16-foot rolls which allow you to cut custom-length pieces for any configuration and breast size.
  • Lightweight yet maximum hold that is guaranteed to hold you all day or night.
  • Easy application and pain-free removal. There is no more gritting your teeth and feeling like you are ripping a band-aid off a sensitive area like your breasts.

Stealing the Secret of the Stylists

When stylists let the cat out of the bag about boob tape, nipple covers, shapewear, and the like, they allowed us to realize that we could look and feel as effortless and beautiful in dresses for formal and casual occasions as the celebrities we saw on the red carpet did. There are so many products out on the market, so do your research. The next time you have an event or night out, take a few minutes to check out the BoobHold website and see the inclusive range of colors and products they offer. There are tutorial videos available to walk you through the application process. You can be your own stylist. Your next sexy, self-assured date night look may be a roll of boob tape away.

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