Videos have been here for a while and video marketing isn’t something new. Nevertheless, the availability of video marketing to the bigger corporations is rather new. 2016 was deemed to be the year of video as everyone from the big shot companies to the smaller individual influencers had infused the internet with video clips which promoted their services, products and personalities. Despite knowing all this, you might still be sceptical about whether or not you should use videos for promoting your small business.

But the answer is that video marketing is a necessary tool for the digital marketing campaigns and if you’ve still not used it, you’ll probably be lagging behind in the competition. So, you have to decide to opt for video marketing on a rather serious note. If you’ve gone far into making the preliminary decisions on how best you can proceed and how much you would wish to outsource to a third-party firm that can help you create videos, then you’re going on the right track.

Video marketing is more than just producing pretty videos – What is it about?

It is vital for a company to remember the fact that video marketing involves much more than just designing pretty videos and that it mostly the marketing part which is important. As long as a successful video marketing campaign is concerned, the key lies in creating a solid foundation of marketing principles. It all depends on your ability to design content for specific audiences and then channelize the content using several conventional and non-conventional channels. This is what video marketing is all about.

That doesn’t mean that the capability of creating effective video content which serves in meeting all your broader marketing goals is less important. The experience and skill that is needed to do this efficiently and effectively is of enough importance as long as a successful video marketing campaign is concerned. You require conducting a self-audit so that you can decide on the capacity of producing video content and make sure your self-audit is honest enough.

Choosing to work with a video marketing agency – How to go about the process

Video marekting agencies usually concentrate on the nexus between video production and video marketing. The reliable video marketing agencies can best represent all that is offered by the studio and the marketing agency. When you explore the agencies, you will require finding out the 2 main disciplines which they work on, video marketing and production. Those agencies which have got a solid marketing bent will resemble the full-service agencies and they can also put a better emphasis on the intricacies of video marketing. The video marketing agencies can design the best marketing videos of a restrained variety and then outsource the complex projects to studios.

What to ask a video marketing agency?

Well, here are few questions that you may ask a video marketing agency before you agree to work with them.

  • If you were given an option, what would you say about your strengths? Does it lie in producing videos or marketing them?
  • What kinds of videos have you produced?
  • What is the procedure in which you assist clients and help them comprehend their video marketing requirements?
  • What is the point when you outsource your work to a studio?

If you see that most of the general marketing requirements are covered through a video marketing agency, they might be an ideal option for continuing with your video marketing campaigns.

Choosing a Studio – How are they different?

Video production companies are also known as studios and they’re usually long on producing videos and pretty short on marketing efforts. In case your requirements demand you to create 1 or 2 videos, a studio can certainly be the best choice. But in case you’re more likely to get into receiving the best video marketing solutions, you need to realize that studios won’t be able to offer you the marketing support which you require.

But if you own the marketing skills, through an agency or in-house team, you can opt for a studio as they provide you with excellent opportunities to shore up your capabilities of video production. Studios are involved in a business of designing videos and there are many who are able to provide you excellent work which can sometimes even exceed the capabilities of many specialist agencies.

What to ask a studio before working with them?

Here are few questions that you should ask a studio to make sure they have the marketing chops which are important to support your marketing campaign.

  • How much work is marketing work for you?
  • Do you have an in-house marketing professional?
  • What sort of marketing videos do you produce?
  • What is the procedure that you follow in order to assist clients in realizing which videos are needed to solve the challenges of marketing?
  • Once you complete the process of producing a video for your client, what sort of channels would you use to assist the clients in reaching out their videos to prospective customers?

Which option is perfect for you?

The answer will depend on the number of videos, types of videos, the assets you need, the capability of producing those assets and the video marketing strategy with which you’re comfortable. Choosing the best video marketing provider which suits your needs is definitely the foremost step to take and getting it right can take enough patience and time.

If you do your due diligence, you can most likely create a long-lasting relation which serves your needs in the best possible way. Keep in mind the above mentioned strategies to choose the right firm for your company.

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