This is Auton’s Dream Machine, a hidden under the bed TV lift. Per the product site:

You want the convenience of a TV in the bedroom but….You don’t want to hang it on the wall, you don’t want a TV cabinet blocking your view, and there’s simply no room to store it above the ceiling. What’s the answer?
Auton’s Dream Machine offers the perfect solution! With the simple touch of a button, the television slides out from under the bed and is gently lifted into place.

Prices start at $7,595 and go up from there. For reference, that is a lot of money. I wonder if they can cut me a deal on my pull out sofa bed. I mean, it’s not a real bed so there’s no way they would charge me full price for that, right? Tell me the truth, I can take it. Jk, I can’t take it. Let me down softly. They’re gonna charge me full price, aren’t they?

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Via: The Awesomer