When you are renovating your house, it’s your chance to reflect your personality in your surroundings. You tend to make it comfortable for you and your family.

You can make your home look as tall as you want; you only need to manipulate how your ceiling is perceived. The top with plain white paint gets a little boring with time. It’s the age of experimenting with colours and architecture to make your house stand out, and the ceiling is your canvas. With little trouble and light installation, your top can be vamped up to match the rest of your house style. You can add chandeliers and coordinate wall sconces, build a false ceiling, add a led strip, or use large pendants to fill the space.

With this comprehensive guide on ceilings and how to address the top, its design and decor will give you diverse ideas to integrate your shelter in the room for the topic of discussion. Following are some of the arguments for modifying your ceiling and adding stars to your high top.

  1. False ceiling: The LED has lowered its cost and hence, increased its implementation and uses. The creative possibilities with false ceilings are infinite and practical to a much greater degree than anticipated. The false roof can be modified to use fluorescent lights that emit pub vibes.
    • Cove lighting: It is a sophisticated and rich lighting hidden and covered by a false ceiling to redefine the hall height. The high top is slightly lower, and the overall bright lights are softened by comparison. Dimed, ambient vibes are reflected through the halls, and illumination is quite subtle.
    • Wooden ceiling: A false ceiling with a vintage touch is crafted by building a wood background and contrasting white ceiling and white lights. This form of top ceiling is perfect for a farmhouse/rustic style of decor.
    • Backlit ceiling panels: A natural hue and ambient lights to give a feel of sunlit halls and warm tones, designed to make the guests comfortable and home. The backlit ceiling panels require led lit space, which is then covered by panels that diffuse the light around the hall.
  2. Chandeliers: Chandeliers are one of the major attractions when it comes to house decor. They demand a lot of your attention regarding the size, diameter, height, design etc. However, if done correctly, it carries the potential to boost the aesthetic of the room on a grand scale. Modern Place offers a wide variety of such units of chandeliers and light fixtures to suit your every decor style and pattern.
    • Crystal Chandeliers – Crystal chandeliers consist of crystal glass beads hanging around the central light in a particular order. These beads refract the light into and throw the light around the room making the surrounding an exquisite sight to bear witness to. Crystal chandeliers are expensive decor pieces but worth every penny spent on them due to their long-lasting durability.
    • Bowl Chandeliers: A bowl chandelier consists of a metal or glass bowl suspended in the air with the help of the rods/chains/cord. The light source is situated at the chandelier’s centre, which emits light reflected from the walls, directing it upwards, gently dimming the light down in the room, giving a mesmerizing and subtle warm feel of summer evenings.
  • Candle Style Chandeliers: This is a prevalent, famous chandelier style for its simplicity and vintage touch. It is used pretty often in the entrance aisle. It consists of four to five arms with a candle shaped light at the tip of each. Perfect for hallways as a welcome at the entrance. It gives a farmhouse vibe in retro style.
  • Centrepieces: The chandeliers can be treated as centrepieces but just above the surface. The centrepieces are hung low to perceive it as part of the room and within the line of sight. Varied in type, shape, size, the lights of the centrepieces are unique and provide a luminously lit space, perfect for halls and staircase.
  1. Geometric shapes: Using geometric shapes to fake the ceiling height is quite an artistic endeavour but, of course, achievable. Bringing a geometric shape and figures in view imparts a structural finish to the architecture without increasing space consumption. The organized look communicated by the perfect rings, squares and pentagons on the ceiling is for those who love clean jobs and clear edge lines.
    • You can also coordinate the look on the ceiling by cone-fixture-light on the table or wall sconces with clean lines and shapes. Or resort to pendant lights to even out the sharp edges on the ceiling.
  2. Led lightings:
    • LED strips: A simple way to amp up your ceilings and hall space is to line it with LED strips (automated/manual). They are easy to integrate into the already designed and installed ceiling lines. They can be controlled by a remote or button. The colours can be altered or dimmed likewise, depending on your need.
    • LED recessed lights: strategically placed and meant to highlight a part of the room for better illumination of frames, books, furniture, statement piece decor. Easy to install in POP ceilings, these lights are durable and practical.
  3. Pendants: Chandeliers are a whole unit with bulbs and candles that illuminate the centre and diffuse the light from the centre, giving an aura of larger rooms. However, the pendants are usually suspended from the ceiling and are responsible for the optical illusion of high ceilings and larger rooms. The suspension of a light body(globe, saucer, bowl, abstract) through a rod, chain, and cord allows the required flexibility. Statement-making light fixtures are chosen with creative coverings that match the decor and your style.


This article will serve as a detailed guide to pick out the most satisfactory house decor alternative for your house. As you raise your eyes to the ceilings, you must behold a pleasant view to admire the Place and its architecture, not to be blinded by the bright, stinging lights. The lighting company provides you with the necessary guidance and good quality products to help avoid your doubts and dilemmas. Choosing the right services always becomes a beneficial factor when the situation demands good quality professional attention.

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