Subscription boxes are a fairly new method of selling products to customers who are looking for value. This form of marketing has been around for a while, but it has just recently become popular across a wide range of industries. We’ve dug into the subject of subscription boxes and prepared this mini-guide that should tell you all you need to know about this form of business.

What Exactly Is a Subscription Box?

On paper, subscription boxes are a great way to experience or a passion you’re familiar with, as well as one that you’re just getting to know. The idea behind a subscription box is fairly simple — instead of purchasing products from a certain niche, you pay a monthly subscription and in return, you get a box of assorted products.

These products can be sample-sized or full-sized products. It all depends on what type of box you’re getting and from whom. In many cases, you’ll be able to choose.

Who Picks the Products?

Most subscription box businesses are run by individuals who are passionate about the items they sell. In other words, you’re most likely working with aficionados who have a deep understanding of the niche they operate in. The selection of items you’ll get is therefore usually on point when it comes to satisfying your expectations. In some cases, you might be asked to answer a few simple questions prior to setting up your subscription.

That way, the business you’re working with will have a better understanding of your tastes and preferences, which will help them make a more appropriate list for your subscription box.

Food Subscription Boxes?

As it turns out, subscription boxes are available for more than just your hobby. There are also produce subscription boxes that will get fresh produce delivered to your door on a recurring basis. If you’re a foodie who likes to cook, a produce subscription box can be a true blessing. Depending on the service you pick, your box can contain items that you’ve picked yourself.

However, most users of these services will agree that getting a mystery box is a far more interesting experience. You’ll be challenged to produce a meal using an unknown set of ingredients, which isn’t always as easy as it seems. Best of all, getting a random box is the perfect way to expose yourself to different cuisines and foods from all over the world.

Benefits of a Subscription Box

We’ve already talked about the core benefit of a subscription box — exposure to new products. However, that’s just the most obvious answer. Some would say that convenience is the ultimate reason why this type of business is thriving all over the world. By subscribing to a service and having someone else curate the items you receive, you’re essentially skipping a lot of the legwork.

The convenience factor is even more obvious in the food-related niche of subscription boxes. Shopping for groceries isn’t only about going to the store and spending hours trying to hunt down fresh produce. It’s also about getting the consistent quality of food you’re buying. With a subscription box, you don’t have to worry about any of that given that you’ve found a service that fits your criteria.

Every day, week, or month, you’ll receive a box that contains food products you know are fresh and of high quality — all without you having to leave your home. If you’re constantly struggling to find time for your passions and if one of your passions is cooking, having the ingredients delivered to your doorstep can make all the difference in the world for you.

Last but not least, there’s something about receiving a package and unboxing your batch of goodies every so often. Most people are willing to pay for this experience, and that’s arguably one of the reasons why subscription box businesses are so successful.


The price of a subscription may or may not help you save money. This will entirely depend on the type of box you’re getting and the niche it’s related to. However, improved value is almost always there. Simply having the opportunity to discover new products is valuable on its own. That being said, many subscription box businesses offer what are actually great deals on the items they ship out.

Overall, the world of subscription boxes is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring your favorite hobby. There’s no telling where a simple box of goodies can take you and what kind of surprises hide inside the next week’s batch!

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