Do you have someone in your life who is crazy about pigs? When someone loves pigs, it can make gift giving a lot simpler and straightforward, you get them a pig gift! Gifts and trinkets adorned with pink little pigs, like novelties, housewares, and even clothing, or something that they can proudly add to their piggy collection. As a buyer, you have a lot of options from online sites to brick and mortar store locations, but, which pig-themed items make the best gifts? There are a lot of fresh and fun ideas that you may not have even thought of!


Watch for these seven gifts to buy for the pig lover in your life:


Pig Planters


If you want to give a unique, even unusual gift, but don’t want to compromise quality, check out some terra cotta pig planters; these planters have a rustic, modern feel but cost less than $60 for a set of three pigs. These planters come in three different colors to make a vibrant and fun grouping in your home, on your patio, or under a porch. Each pig is the same size and holds a pot approximately 4” in diameter, measuring around 6” long. These are a fun gift idea, yet also demonstrate good taste and quality craftsmanship for your special gift recipient. This is a great gift idea during spring and summer seasons, when many people are thinking about their gardens and plant life. Consider adding some extras to a gardening basket or tote, such as a pair of gardening gloves and a bulb, plant, or seed packet to make the gift even more appreciated. This pig inspired gift is sure to impress and delight any pig lover on your gift giving list.


Pig Pillow


For a great piggy inspired gift but don’t have the budget for something like the above mentioned planters, go with something clever and cute, like this pig pillow. The whimsy and humor of this pillow will definitely bring a smile, for less than $9! This pillow is actually not a pillow at all, but a case for a standard size 18” by 18” pillow form, which cuts down on the shipping costs. Each case has a unique Nordic Style featuring the pig, made from 100% grade natural cotton linen fabric. The motif is sleek, black outline with the message, “All You Need Is Love and Pig.” Consider a pair for a porch swing or a family room couch; these are also the perfect accent piece for a country inspired kitchen or breakfast nook. There are other animal varieties available if you want to add some other elements to any area of the home. A true pig lover will find plenty of spaces to display their favorite pig pillow from you!


Pig Jewelry


Does the gift recipient wear jewelry? Take things up a notch with a wide range of pig jewelry, pick up the adorable acrylic pig drop earrings for your favorite pig-lover, for less than $8. Where else are you going to get such a personal, and perfect, gift for a pig lover for under $8? For a few dollars more, make it a set and add the coordinating acrylic pendant necklace. These make the perfect sentiment for a birthday, a graduation, a new job- anything that merits a gift and some good cheer. Think ahead and buy early for everyone on your holiday gift giving list, too.


For someone who wears more masculine pieces, consider a pair of pig themed cufflinks. Cufflinks are making a major style comeback and are being worn by both men and women for a quirky look. You may also look for something like a nice watch with a pig motif or image for your recipient. They will think of you every time they look at your gift to check the time


Pig Night Light


For around 20 bucks, you can give your pig loving friend or family member something that will truly light up their world: a cute pig night light! This will also warm the recipient’s heart as all the proceeds from this pig inspired nightlight help rescue real pigs at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. This light is made of resilient silicone and makes an excellent gift for someone who travels or spends time away from home. It provides a low, comforting glow that is just enough to help lead the way to a bathroom or illuminate an unfamiliar space gently. This operates on batteries or a handy USB plug that can be conveniently plugged in a laptop or device. The squishy texture of this nightlight makes it a fun conversation piece, and a great gift idea for all ages, including small children. It is an adorable theme that is neither too young or too mature for any pig lover, plus it is a practical and unique gift idea


Pig Cork Holder


So, what do you get the pig lover who has everything? You know, that person that is really tough to buy for, but that still loves pigs? Consider buying them a pig cork holder that sits on their counter and collects the wine corks that are used and disposed of. This clever and useful gift will cost you $21.95 online and is an excellent choice for someone who likes pigs, and wine. It is a great housewarming gift for the bar or hostess gift when attending someone’s home for a party. Again, the proceeds help the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, which is home to many live, rescued pigs- as well as a whole slew of other animals. Any true animal lover will enjoy this cork holder but will really love and appreciate that their gift is contributing to the rescue and care of other animals. This makes a clever conversation piece that will be fun to watch accumulate different corks and fill up.


Pig Stress Balls


The holidays can be a stressful time, so it makes sense to encourage any and all modes of relaxation and rest. Many find that soft, squishy stress balls help do the trick, giving them an outlet for their excitement, energy, or anxiety. At Christmastime, tuck some pig inspired trinkets and gifts in a stocking for a fun holiday treat, including these inexpensive pig stress balls. Priced at $6.99, these balls are a customer favorite and frequently sold out so order early. Stress balls are very trendy, and a pragmatic way of releasing pent up energy. Plus, these little pink pigs look adorable sitting on a desk, work-station and space, or shelf. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impression. That just may be the case with this charming little piglet. This stress ball is made from firm, durable foam and is ranked highly by buyers. Due to its popularity, it could be in high demand and supplies may be limited, so buy early when planning to get it as a gift.


Pig Themed Coloring Books


Coloring books are becoming very trendy, enticing artists of all ages to sit, relax, and color. It has been shown that coloring can reduce stress and lower blood pressure among all ages; it helps soothe and calm kids that are acting out, too. For your pig inspired gift, consider pig themed coloring books, for adults and children. Choose from a wide range of options online, including intricate mandala designs and cool henna style line-art for coloring and stress relief. Select more complex designs for older recipients and fun barnyard style books for your younger gift audience. Add a bright and colorful tote for the book and include some high-quality gel pens or colored pencils to make the gift complete. This is an excellent and inexpensive idea for neighbors, friends’ children, or older family members who might enjoy the hobby of coloring.


Pig Themed Clothing


If you think that the gift your recipient would really like is something to wear, then consider a custom tee-shirt with picture. Tees always make a good present and you can embrace their love of pigs, and technology, with pig themed tee shirts featuring popular piggy emojis. These are widely found online in men, women, and children sizes available at around $16.99. Make sure when buying clothes that you check the contents to ensure it is quality made and will last; consider tees that are made 100% Cotton, making them machine washable and easy to care for.  It also makes sense to look for products and apparel that are made in the US.


Make Your Gifts Memorable


Got a gift-giving occasion coming up for someone who really likes pigs? Don’t worry, you are covered with these seven gift ideas that any pig lover will adore! From an inspired pair of earrings to a cool countertop piggy to contain wine corks, there is something for pig lovers of all ages and personalities. Contribute to the recipient’s collection and love of pigs with an inspired gift that will tickle their fancy. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give something meaningful as these examples show; bring a smile with one of these pig themed gifts today!


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