When giving somebody a gift, the first thought is to always give what the recipient will appreciate. However, many individuals prefer receiving gifts that provide them with good value. The value doesn’t always have to be monetary, but it should be something that can be considered a good investment. If you need some ideas on what gifts can be worthy investments, we’ve compiled this list to help you decide: 

Engagement Ring

If you’ve got a partner that you see a future with, it’s time to give them a white gold engagement ring. Not only are you giving your partner jewelry that appreciates in value over time, but you are making an investment by choosing someone who will be there for you for life, and that’s something priceless. 

An Educational Course

Gifting an interesting course to someone can be a huge investment, as it can help spark an interest or fuel a passion. For instance, you can give a short course in pastry baking to your sister if she loves to bake. It would increase in value if she decides to pursue baking as a career and set up a pastry shop of her own. 

Collectible Watch

A nice watch is not only great for upgrading one’s look; like jewelry, it can also become valuable over time. You’ll have to consider the brand and the potential for it to become a collectible, so it would be ideal if you can get a classic or vintage watch. Try to scout forums where trading occurs and you’ll get the best deals. 


Back in the day, most enthusiasts would invest in pieces of art that have a rich history. More recently, however, people are now buying art pieces from budding artists that are making noise in the industry. Contemporary artists are on the rise, and you can find great value by supporting the arts. 

Collection Items

If your gift recipient is an avid collector, you will never go wrong by giving them something they can add to their collection. Be it a stamp or coin, consider adding to their collection and they would really appreciate it. If you’re planning to give this kind of present to your employees, Swag Bar has stylish packaging designs that would definitely seal the deal.

Trading Account

You can never go wrong with giving a trading account. It will help the recipient secure their future. Make sure to give useful trading advice as well so they don’t make a mistake and lose the funds. 


Antique pieces are worthy investments, as they are proven to become more valuable over time. Choose items that are in perfect condition and have a rich history, as they are the ones that pick up a good price from avid collectors. 

Club Membership

The gift of a club membership opens up opportunities for self-growth and networking, which can become valuable over time. Go for memberships where the recipient can find people with similar interests. 

Gym Membership

With a renewed focus on health and wellness, giving a gym membership is another good investment. You are helping someone invest in their overall well-being. 


Traveling provides the gift recipient the opportunity to explore different places, meet new people, and begin a journey to self-discovery, all of which offer compounding investments. 

Seeing the person appreciate your gift is nice, but actually seeing they benefit from what you give is truly priceless, and that’s something money can’t buy. 

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