If you also want a great jacket that is light in weight with breathable fabric and lastly it can save you from harsh rain too. Then you need not worry cause Softshell Jackets are just perfect for this occasion. To add another quality, they are also waterproof! You will love it more you’re your other denim or fleece jackets as these are really comfortable and adaptable for all occasions. Sweating is unavoidable especially if you are performing some aerobic sports like trekking, gym, jogging, skiing, etc. This jacket allows air to flow easily through the cloth while also providing some water resistance. Softshell jackets from Engelbert Strauss for example are making it best to wear in light rain.

Why wear a softshell jacket?

There are literally so many reasons to try out a softshell jacket. One of the biggest advantages of having a softshell jacket is that it is a light-weighted, warm and waterproof kind of material. All of the features raise the demand in great numbers. Just like summer wear, you can enjoy the fabric as your skin will breathe well beneath it. The softshell jacket tackles all the weather-related issues no matter how much cold is out there or rain – you are good to go!

Normally people believe that if a jacket is worn in winter then it will be thick and extra heavy. But this is just the opposite of what Softshell jackets are! The perfect shape of softshell jackets prepares it for performing loads of different activities. If you are someone who loves outdoor experiences then softshell jackets are best due to their elasticity and warmth. And in the winter wear, these jackets are the ideal option to go to chill in the snow. With the minimum weight, it is easy to pack and adapt for several occasions.

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What is the difference between a hard shell and a softshell jacket?

The people who prefer going on treks and hiking always choose hard shell wear. Always include something of harder material like a hardshell jacket when packing your bags for some camping excursion. Also, the natural problem of rain can be eradicated through a hardshell jacket due to its waterproof capabilities. These jackets are much durable and packable that it serves best for outdoor trips!

While in the other case when you would want to go out bicycling at mountains, or star gazing in chilly weather or some desert area then softshell jackets are preferred. The softshell jacket is worn like a warmer under the hardshell jacket in places with extreme climates. The best part about softshell jackets is that no matter rain or snow falls you will still remain dry.


The softshell jackets are best for the cases of the simple walk for your dogs or jogging in your society as they are saved from wind and water. You can be saved from little rain but it is not a raincoat for that matter. While in this situation hardshell jackets will absorb water rapidly and will not block the breeze. Therefore all that we have understood from our research is that there is a lot more use that can be done with softshell jackets. No matter these jackets are the lightest, most flexible, adaptable, and all one necessity for all.  We would definitely suggest if you don’t have even a single softshell jacket then do have one.

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