Everyone deserves to live with basic necessities at their disposal. Sometimes, you could be born with a disability or sustain it later on in life. An aspect of the latter, a Social Security disability (SSD) insurance offers benefits if you have previously worked and paid your taxes but now have trouble engaging in income-generating activities.

To qualify for the SSD, you should have insurance that shows you have previously worked and are eligible for cover. Additionally, the Social Security Administration must give the green light showing your disability. Making the application for the SSD benefits can be online or physically. If you intend to make the application, below are the mandatory documents that you need to present.

1.   Official Medical Report

The medical report is essential in giving the contact information for all the medical professionals who have been treating you. Additionally, it will also include all your appointments concerning the condition attributing to your eligibility for SSD. The report should also contain all the prescription history. The doctor’s diagnosis and treatment for your situation should be part of the report too.

Another critical finding in the report includes all the laboratory results arising from your condition that warrant the SSD insurance. Ideally, the report should have sufficient proof to back up your claim on gaining the benefits.

2.   Birth Certificate

The birth certificate will include details like your name, birth location, and even your parents. Alternatively, suppose you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate. In that case, you can present your religious certificate of birth, like a baptism certificate, which has a validity of up to when you attain five years.

3.   Social Security

For your application to undergo review, you need to submit your Social Security number. Additionally, if you have a spouse and children, remember to include them together in the application. The Social Security numbers give you a distinct identity that is unique for everyone. Engaging the services of a social security lawyer Gatlinburg goes a long way in giving you the assurance of having your application professionally handled. Additionally, your lawyer understands the process and the specific documentation you need to make the application successful.

The amount of benefits depends on your previous monthly earnings and your insurance worth. Additionally, after a successful application, you will receive the SSD benefits as long as the condition allows.

4.   Military Discharge

If you were in the military, you would need official documentation that shows your military discharge. Typically, the documents prove you have a valid clearance from the active-duty line due to the condition.

5.   Workers Compensation Form

If you were in any previous coverage under the insurance or even a workers compensation plan, remember to submit the records but show the above. Additionally, you should also indicate a detailed summary of your previous work experiences amounting to the last five jobs that you have held inactive capacity.

6.   W-2 Form

For a successful application, you must also present your latest W-2 form from former employers, which indicates the proper filing of your taxes. If you are in self-employment, you have no reason to worry. The tax return under the self-employment category would be good.

7.   Residency Proof

If you were born in another country, you would need a valid proof of your permanent residency in the country. Additionally, you will also need the name, address, and contact information of the person helping you apply. After submitting the above documents, the SSA gives a final consideration on whether you qualify to get benefits from the SSD. The disability determination is necessary for evaluating whether you are eligible under their Social Security disability definitions.

Moreover, you should prove your inability to work for at least 12 months before the application actively. Sometimes, you may also show evidence that your condition’s outcome may, unfortunately, lead to loss of life. After the application, we will wait for a review before you get feedback. Sometimes, the application can go through successfully with the first try if you give them sufficient documentation proving your condition.

Supporting documentation that shows evidence of your condition in some states includes the history of your work experience and a detailed description of the physical requirements that you have been handling in their jobs. You may also need to include your educational history.

In other instances, your application may also be denied if you did not submit all the documentation required that will prove beyond reasonable doubt about your condition. In such a scenario, the law allows you to appeal the decision. Additionally, having a professional disability lawyer to guide you through the process saves you the trouble of following up on the complicated process.

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