During the pandemic spread, the entire world experienced a lockdown that created huge upsets in financial situations. A worldwide online working and earning community is developed during this phase. Online trading is a hot trend in this new scenario. The significance of online trading has revealed to ordinary people. Trade for commodities, crypto, stocks, and CFDs is available at a wide variety of websites.

About IQ Option

IQ Option is one of the leading online trading platforms where users can participate in trades worldwide. Trade at IQ Options includes a wide range of options such as CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, indices, EFTs, and commodities. The central element at IQ Option is CFD (Contract for Difference). It allows the deal opener to reap an outcome of it according to the difference in asset prices without holding it for trade.

For all those who are interested in online trading, iqoptionmag.com is a wonderful magazine website which provides information from active traders. Here the users can find the latest information about different types of trading available at IQ Option.

How to use IQ Option

IQ Option allows only registered users for trading. So, the very first requirement is to sign up here. It provides its users with complete guidance about trading facilities through different mediums, including practice account, trade rooms, videos, etc. Having a comprehensive knowledge about online trading and various tools used for this purpose helps create a successful profile. To getting familiar with online trading terminologies, users can use lots of platforms. For gaining knowledge of CFDs and Forex trading many websites are providing tutorials and help in form of articles.

Kinds of Accounts in IQ Option

At IQ Options, users can have two types of user accounts.

  1. Demo or Practicing Account
  2. Real or Trading Account

If a user has any doubts about the working and different facilities at the IQ Option, he/she can use the platform through a demo account. In this account, they have access to all available tools and trading strategies. The practicing account is entirely free and embraces a renewable balance of $10,000. It works similarly to the real account to clear all the doubts.

In a real account, the user must deposit at least $10 to activate the account and participate in trades. In real account, users participate in actual trades and can earn profits and also make withdrawals. It also deals with Crypto trading. People can find articles regarding crypto trading and IQ Option at different websites, which publish articles regarding online trading.

Deposit & Withdrawal

All online trading platforms facilitate their users for easy deposit and withdrawal of funds. IQ Option also allows different channels such as debit/credit cards and eWallets suitable for users. Transactions are also processed speedily, but some transactions consume more than three days. It could be due to the channel used for deposit and withdrawal.

Access to IQ Option via Multiple Gadgets

As users can access almost all websites through multiple gadgets, IQ Option also supports it. The users can access the platform using laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, and mobile phones. The system is also available for Windows and Mac, and the users can choose the best for them. Many customizable features are also incorporated in the system.

Risk Management

Like any other online trading platform, risks are present at IQ Option as well. To provide its users with safety measures, it incorporated many latest and practical risk management tools. Users can learn the use by watching the tutorial provided at the platform. Risk management tools include auto-close, trailing, stop loss/ take profit, and many more.

Customer Support

Customer support is a significant element of any trading platform and adds to the reliability of the forum. IQ Option has enabled active support for the ease of its users. Different ways to connect to the support team are available, including email, phone calls, and live chat at the platform. Another fantastic support feature is the availability of Support professionals 24/7 through all the communication channels mentioned here. Additionally, it supports the native language of the user and does not emphasize a single language for communication.

Hopefully, this article will serve users comprehensively and help them create a good idea of IQ Option. This straightforward concept will lead to the right decision.


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