In the year 2020, perhaps, the easiest way to collect money for your worthy cause is crowdfunding. Essentially, crowdfunding relies on a large number of people giving a small amount of money, which, hopefully, ends up adding up to a lot.

Reputable crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Lending Club, and Indiegogo. In order for a crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you have to grab the attention of a lot of people and persuade them that your cause is deserving of their donation. Are you in the mood to donate to a cause today?  Check out some tips below on how to start a donation drive this year.

Set Up A Donation Page

In order for you to set up a successful donation page, the first step is to select a title that really catches people’s attention; one good example of this can be found at Remember that the title is going to be transmitted to possible supporters on social media, text messages, and email. Giving them a title that they’ll really remember and would instantly let them know what you’re raising money for will inspire people to click the link and read your story. 

The next step is to write a fascinating story that encourages people to give to your cause. It’s important to take the time to really craft the story well, instead of rushing to get your page up and running. When telling your story, make it clear who exactly is benefiting from your fundraiser and why. Explain to the reader why your cause is so deserving of monetary help. Be sure to communicate why the situation is urgent. Be specific in identifying what exactly the funds are going to be allocated for. 

Next, add photos to your page to bring it to life. This will put a face on your cause, and encourage others to learn more about it. Only choose photos of the highest quality or none at all. The wrong pictures can make you or your cause seem shady. 

Create A Campaign Video

Without a doubt, there’s a much greater chance for a person to give a donation if you have a video posted on your page. Videos are an incredibly powerful tool to get others to deeply get in touch with your cause. Videos are also helpful because they can be used on almost any marketing channel. If you’re looking for inspiration for your video, try interviewing supporters or record footage of the individuals they’ll be helping. 

Establish A Goal

When it’s time to establish a monetary goal for your fundraiser, it’s best to start small. There’s a reason for this. When someone sees that your goal is attainable, it encourages them to want to help you get there. When the goal is set too high, they think anything they do to help you will be worthless, so they don’t even want to try. Set a reasonable goal and, then, increase it later when it makes sense to do so. 

Begin With Your Inner Circle

People you don’t know are more likely to give to your campaign if they see that others have already donated to it. The best way to get these initial donations is to start with your immediate friends and family first. By doing this soft launch to your inner circle, you can have them check out the link and your page, and let you know if there are any mistakes there, or if it needs any updates or revisions as well. 

Branch Out

After you’ve generated several starter donations and when you’re confident about your page, it’s time to share with the rest of the world. Sharing through social media is one of the most simple and effective ways to bring attention to your cause. If you’re comfortable with it, you can also share via text message, email, and phone calls, directing people to your donation page

When people give to your cause, don’t forget to thank them. Take the time to write thank you letters to each person who gives. 

Donation Drive

Keep People Updated

It’s important to keep in touch with your donors by providing them with updates. People need to know that their money has helped make a difference in the life of another. Getting back in touch with your donors also encourages them to give again. During your updates, don’t be afraid to ask your supporters to upgrade their donation to a monthly gift. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a donation drive in 2020 is all about creating an effective webpage. Do the best you can in writing your story and don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for their input. Be thankful for what comes your way and don’t hesitate to ask for more, and your campaign is sure to be a success. 

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