It has been a while since cryptocurrency has become the talk of the town. The growth of cryptocurrency is showing progress from the past few years. The digital currency is not managed by any central entity and runs on a blockchain that attracts users. The use of advanced encryption techniques makes it secure for the users and builds their confidence in virtual money.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a famous investment option for citizens, and crypto trading sets firm roots in many countries. At the moment, there are almost 5000 cryptocurrencies in the world, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and some others, taking over the internet with their popularity.

There are many popular sites where you can buy bitcoin, like the What does this all mean? Is there a bright future ahead for cryptocurrency? Or are there some loopholes that act as a risk for the growth of crypto trading? Let’s look at it closely:

Predictions about Crypto’s Future

Economic analysts keep a close eye on cryptocurrency, and they are always looking at the market in terms of the big picture. Keeping in mind the present situation of the market, the reaction of the users, the news about crypto, and many other factors, economic analysts drive a prediction about the future of cryptocurrency.

Lately, analysts say that a significant change is approaching the cryptocurrency market because institutional money is also entering it. The possibility that cryptocurrency will float on NASDAQ is further adding to the credibility of crypto and blockchain. People may see cryptocurrency entirely as an alternative to fiat currency.

Some analysts predict that the growth of cryptocurrency depends on the verification of exchange-traded funds (ETF). With the help of ETF, it will become easy for people to invest their money in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, the demand needs to be generated for cryptocurrency automatically because the funds will not help in it.

The Future is DeFi

Remember when Ethereum got so much popularity? It was because of the decentralized environment offered by Ethereum that attracted users so much. Recently, there is a lot of hype about DeFi, which is an abbreviation for Decentralized Finance. Although decentralized trading is still in its early stages, if it is completed as a success, the future of cryptocurrency trading is very bright.

As DeFi is still in progress, there was a massive gap in the Defi trading landscape for the robust trading platforms and shrewd financial instruments. Thus, it left the traders with no choice but to use the centralized trading platforms. The centralized platforms expose the users’ privacy, and customers don’t feel secure in trading a large number of their funds. Thus, it hinders cryptocurrency trading.

The trend is changing these days, and people are moving towards decentralization rapidly. The development and innovation in technology are adding fuel to the fire. The features that were previously available on centralized platforms only are now available on decentralized platforms as well. The change is taking place rapidly, and once completely accomplished, it will do wonders.

If you are following the news of DeFi, then you would have heard about the recent expansion and development of the Defi platforms. Cryptocurrency traders now have an open option to speculate on the cryptocurrency market with the help of several varieties of products. It also includes opportunities, a variety of novel synthetic assets, and much more.

The Rapid Change

Decentralized Finance is proliferating, and it is becoming the first option for many cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. The staggering growth of Uniswap is the best example of this scenario. The automated market maker (AMM) platforms are also evidence for the development of DeFi. Users can now trade immediately without relying on any centralized head. Last year, Uniswap did astonishingly well, and its 24-hour trading volume spiked more than 10,000%. Thus, Uniswap entered the top ten lists of cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the trading volume.

However, it isn’t just Uniswap that got the limelight. There are 5/10 Defi protocols on Ethereum that are related to trading. Similarly, on Binance Smart Chain, the number 1 decentralized application is a decentralized exchange known as PancakeSwap.


If the cryptocurrency market continues to flourish and develop, there is nothing stopping crypto trading from gaining popularity. Keep an eye on the market trends and the best exchanges in Australia; you might want to invest in crypto trading yourselves.

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