The cryptocurrency industry has been going from strength to strength especially after 2018. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are ruling the market and are being used for making payments. These are also being ordered in large numbers and even being used to purchase goods and services online anonymously.

Is Bitcoin is a legal tender in your country?

Bitcoin Era is one of the trusted platforms from where you can buy Bitcoin. People can buy Bitcoin across the world, but you need to know whether it is a legal tender in your country or not. In some nations, it has been banned entirely. As compared to people in Europe, North America or Australia, those from countries in South America, Asia and Africa are likelier to own or use this cryptocurrency. India topped the tally in the number of crypto owners in 2021.

It has more than 10 crore owners of BTC. The country is followed by the US and Russia. In August, 2021, the Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis ranked India second out of 154 countries. In India, as well as nations like US and Russia, BTC is in high demand today. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are subject to malicious hackers and can get stolen.

What Makes the U.S, India, Africa and Russia More Open to Bitcoin Usage?

No third-party intervention

There are no minimum balance fees overdraft charges for deposit fees in case of Bitcoin as compared to regular flat currencies. Naturally, there are no worries about maintaining account or any minimum balance fees.

If you are someone who makes a lot of online purchases, the banking fees charged each time can eat up a significant part of your hard earned money s you need to pay this fee every time to your bank as transaction fee. When you opt for Bitcoin purchases, you can save that money and use it for your online transactions. You do not need to use any payment gateway regulated by third-party vendor like Like the BitQT Bot.

Low Transaction Fees

Generally, exchange fees and costs are involved with regular wire transfers and foreign purchases. Cryptocurrencies like BTC do not need the involvement of any intermediary institution such as the bank or the government. Naturally, the costs of transactions made with Bitcoins are quite low. It can be highly beneficial to you if you travel a lot. Apart from that, the transaction time of Bitcoin is faster than traditional fiat currency.

Mobile Payments

As is the case with any online payment system, users of BTC can make payments with the help of their mobile phones if they are connected to the web. Also there is no need to reveal your personal information and identity for completing a transaction. You do not need to visit your bank to make a payment and you can use your crypto wallet to make your online transactions.

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Which Cities Use Bitcoin the Most?

These are the top 10 cities, as on October 2021:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Vancouver
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  7. Miami, Florida
  8. El Zonte, El Salvador
  9. New York
  10. London

Which country has the biggest Bitcoin exchange?

The nations include the US, India, Russia, Latin America, Africa etc. Nigeria has a lot of interest in BTC and many exchanges are located therein. In Bitcoin exchanges, cyber security is the biggest priority today. Many cybercriminals are targeting platforms where cryptocurrency exchanges occur. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are semi anonymous in form, and hackers can steal funds without being caught.

Due to this reason many top-of-the-line exchange platforms are opting for state-of-the-art security measures that can offer better protection to the funds of users. In case you want to invest in an exchange and would like to setup a Bitcoin exchange of your own, investing in good security protocols can help you to create a secure Bitcoin exchange. Many exchanges in the US and Russia are equipped with Cloud-based security system.

Hackers and thieves are also changing their techniques to steal coins and tokens. Crypto investors have to be always on guard and ready to take all precautionary measures to keep their digital holdings safe.

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