On the 17th of September, 2014, a funny yet sad news headline in the Sun UK catches one’s eye. The headline reads Man blows £60k on scratch card addiction. Reading the story, one might want to ask, what makes this game so attractive?

In the United Kingdom, scratch cards are sold at lottery stands and on the internet. The process of playing with them is easy and straightforward and requires no skill at all. All the punter needs to do is scratch, and his chances are down to luck and probability.

For these reasons and more, some have argued that scratch cards are not a type of gambling. However, this article would help you understand all you need to know about online scratch cards and why they are so enjoyable or better still addictive to play.

What are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch card refers to a modern version of the lottery scratch cards that people play online. Scratch cards have been in existence since the 1970s, and the online version works using the same principles as the traditional game.

Just like in the original version, to play scratch cards online [valid where legal], punters have to scratch three lines of three squares. Underneath the covering are nine symbols, unveiling three of a kind on the same line qualifies the player for a win.

Like with traditional scratch cards, the online version offers players a quick and easily gratifying way of making money. The difference between the two variants is the use of RNG in the online version. RNGs are Random Number Generators, and their function is to ensure that the games are generated at random and are fair to everyone involved.

What Makes Online Scratch Cards Special?

It is funny how some people do not regard online scratch cards as a gambling game. By definition of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission under the 2005 gambling act, scratch cards are a type of gambling game.

Of a fact, they are a prominent member of the online casino games as you would find them in most UK online casinos. All online scratch card games in the UK are regulated by the UKGC and the National Lottery Commission. The question, however, remains, what makes them so unique and addictive? The following will help you understand.

1. Fast Gameplay

To win within most casino games, you would have played for several minutes. For instance, spinning the reels in a slot takes some time before you can hit wins. However, when you play online scratch cards, you know your fate instantly. That means players can quickly indulge themselves during office breaks, lunch and so on and in a matter of minutes, decide if they win or not. Interestingly, some online scratch card games have AutoPlay.

2. Engaging Themes

Online casinos take advantage of the internet to deliver exciting themes for their scratch card games. These engaging and exciting themes add more fun and thrill to the game for most players, especially the young ones. The themes could be from anything, including movies, books, fairy tales, songs and even video games. To match their beautiful theme, scratch card games also have thrilling soundtracks.

3. Easy Access

Unlike before, punters do not have to leave their homes to play Online scratch cards. The game is always available on the internet, and you can play scratch cards online at your convenience. So long you have a smartphone or computer, you can access the casinos at any time of the day.  All you need is to register at a casino of your choice, make deposits and you can start scratching your way up into fortune.

4. The Game Combines Risk, Fun and Luck

Scratch card games do not come with any winning strategies whatsoever. All you do is place your bets and make a wish.  At such, the game keeps its players glued to their screens wishing on their luck till the end. With every win, there is an excitement to win more.

5. Secured Payment

In most cases, for ease and security of gamblers, online casinos usually have many options of payment for many of their games. Online scratch cards are not left out. Punters can easily make deposits using bank cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrency with ease. Also, in cases of wins, players can have their earnings processed directly into their accounts. An instant withdrawal casino UK [valid where legal] is the best bet for this. The money is transferred instantly to your account after the payout has been approved, sometimes all within the same day.


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