Investing in the correct numbers is vital to increasing your chances of winning a lottery; the wheeling system is one way to do that. The wheeling system is sometimes known as lottery wheeling. The system involves buying more tickets, using more numbers and potentially splitting the cost between a lottery group. You can cover more numbers and provide better odds of winning a prize.

There are ultimately no guarantees in playing the lottery. However, a wheeling system provides a ‘specific win guarantee’ if some or all of the lottery numbers in the group are drawn. It requires inputting the correct numbers and purchasing enough tickets.

Here is an in-depth look at how to increase your lottery odds with wheeling systems.

How a Wheeling System Works

A wheeling system in a lottery uses mathematics to devise a strategy. You make a large group of numbers. Then, a wheeling system arranges your numbers to determine a combination with the highest probability of winning. You take the numbers you picked and get a combination of the numbers you picked from multiple lottery tickets. With a wheeling system, you get the most efficient coverage of these numbers.

If you decide you want to increase your Powerball lottery odds with a wheeling system, all you have to do is pick the lottery wheeling system you prefer. Choose your numbers on the wheel. Then, follow the specific rules of the wheeling system while deciding how many combinations you want to play. It’s that easy.

Why Use a Wheeling System

A wheeling system provides the greatest coverage of the numbers you want to play with. It uses patterns and probability. If you use patterns, a lottery wheel can be an excellent strategy. Assuming your lottery wheel arranges the numbers into combinations with the highest chance of winning, this provides at least one minimum prize if some or all numbers are drawn.

Costs & Wheeling System Strategy

A wheeling system is led by cost and strategy. A wheeling system can be built on a bad strategy and yield poor results. There are also wheeling systems that are not cost-effective. Wheeling does not have to be expensive, but its costs depend on how effective the lottery strategy is.

Example of a Basic Wheeling System

Let’s say you choose 39 and 47. A lottery wheel will divide these numbers into three groups, for example, so you have 39, 40, 41 (combo A), 42, 43, 44 (combo B), and 45, 46, 47 (combo C). Tickets are then constructed from them, i.e. AB, BC, CA. Therefore, if a ticket has a draw where five numbers between 39 and 47 are used, you’ll have at least one winning ticket with four numbers in it.

System #1: Key Number Wheel

There are several wheeling systems you can use. The most affordable wheeling system is the crucial number wheel. With this, you choose a single number present in every number combination created. Start with a number as your key digit, such as 3. So the number 3 has to be in every combination. A key number wheel reduces combinations.

System #2: Abbreviated Wheel

An abbreviated wheel, or short lottery wheel, reduces the number of combinations created from your chosen numbers. Let’s say you select nine numbers. You determine your criteria as a “3” win. Therefore, any three numbers drawn must match at least three numbers in your defined set. An abbreviated wheel for three numbers by five of nine will have at least 12 combinations as a response.

System #3: Full Wheel

A full-wheel system plays all number combinations from the digits you put in. This is more expensive and requires buying more tickets to play all combinations. For example, if you have 5 number combinations from a 9-number set, you will have 126 combinations to play. A key wheeling system, by comparison, can be used to play with fewer tickets, but the full-wheel system provides the best odds of winning the lottery. The risk is just high.

System #4: Pick 3 Wheel

There is a Pick 3 lottery wheel. You can use three numbers from your set per combination. So, for example, a 7-number would that requires at least 3 of your chosen numbers in every combination will provide 35 combinations to play. You also have ‘pick 4 wheel’, ‘pick 5 wheel’, and ‘pick 6 wheel’.

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System #5: Lottery Number Wheel Generator

Many people use lottery wheels. They were first used in Canada and the US in the 1970s, predominantly by lottery groups, to increase their odds of winning. Wheeling systems are now put to use in software as well. You can find lottery number wheel generators online that simplify the process and arrive at a finished set of numbers.

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