With so many online casinos to choose from [applicable where legal], it is not always easy to narrow down the selection and pick a casino to join. In fact, people often find it overwhelming due to the significant number of online casinos available today. However, there are plenty of things you should look out for when choosing an online casino, beginning with the licensing.

The online casino must have an official gambling licence to operate in your country. By obtaining a licence, it means the casino has been reviewed and verified by the gambling authority responsible for the country and they have deemed it to be of an acceptable standard. For example, in the UK all online casinos should have a license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Authority while in the United States the licence is issued by each individual state.

Next, when choosing an online casino, you should assess the selection of games. If there is a specific title or type of game you know you want to play, browse the casino for the game you are looking for before you create your account. All online casinos allow you to look at their selection of games without the need for an account, so make the most of the opportunity.

An online casino is only as good as the support it offers. Hopefully, you will never be in a situation where you need to contact the customer support team but if you do, you want to know you can rely on them to respond promptly and solve the issue without any fuss. There are two key things to look out for in terms of online casino support and they are live chat and 24/7 assistance. You do not want to be playing a casino game at 11pm and something to go wrong, only to then find out customer support is available between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Do not be afraid to contact the customer support team at different hours of the day before you join the casino.

Having created your account, you will need to deposit money in order to play the games at the online casino. You may already have some payment methods you enjoy using online, such as PayPal for example. If you would like to continue using the same methods when depositing and withdrawing money at a casino, you should check the accepted payment methods before you register. Many people are now using cryptocurrency online and some casinos are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so this may be a consideration.

Finally, you should look out for the bonuses and promotions [valid where legal] when choosing an online casino. There are a few different types of bonuses to be aware of including a 100% matched bonus on the first deposit, free spins, and a no deposit bonus. You may have to meet certain criteria to become eligible for the promotion, so always pay attention to the terms and conditions when joining and making your first deposit.

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