Technology changed the lives of everyone, and there is no argument about that. Even for those who may not be using technology directly, their lives are touched by tech indirectly one way or the other. With that in mind, a lot of industries managed to go through the challenge of the changing times thanks to the help of modern technology. One specific industry that relied so much on technology in recent times was the world of gambling. From a form of entertainment for a poverty particular set of audiences, gambling is now accessible and available to a wider range of people, thanks to the technology of online casinos and online sports betting.

As years went by, the world of online gambling continued to grow and improve by introducing new online casinos [valid where legal], new mechanics, and more new and better ways to wager in an online casino or for sports. In 2021, what are the things that we can expect to see in our favorite sites and apps? What are the new technologies that may be seen in online casinos for this year? Here are some of them.

AR and VR games

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been here for many years now. Console and PC games had several successful VR titles released, and there was even a battle for the top VR headset back when it was first introduced. On the other hand, AR was mostly used in mobile games, with the game “Pokémon GO” being one example.

How would AR and VR work for online casinos? Imagine wearing a headset and being able to virtually “enter” a casino, experience its whole environment, and interact with everyone and everything around it through your VR headset. With AR, you can use your computer or mobile device to convert your boring living room into a fun poker table to share virtually with other players.

More crypto casinos

Several things made crypto casinos–or online casinos that only workaround Bitcoin or nay other cryptocurrencies–steadily gain popularity. For one, they are the perfect place to go for people who are extra cautious and sensitive about their online privacy. since Bitcoin is anonymous, it makes Bitcoin casino gaming virtually anonymous as well. For some, their preference in going to a Bitcoin casino is because processing times for blockchain-based transactions are mostly faster than normal transactions and usually cost less, too.

More spotlight on esports

Esports, or the competitive manner of playing video games, had been a big thing already for the past several years, but there is no denying that it only gets bigger and bigger every year. More new games get played competitively, and the prize pools for tournaments and pro leagues keep on increasing in value.

With the industry of esports becoming a lucrative business, bookies have been offering esports betting already. This year, we can only expect to have more online sportsbooks to open their apps not only for traditional and virtual sports betting but for eSports betting, too.

Focus on live dealers and live games

Now, many people tend to forget that online casino gaming is more about playing computer-generated software games. After all, most online casinos now offer live dealer games and they even highlight it so much that you can’t miss it.

Being the most interactive the closest experience to the real thing, live dealer games appeal to bettor so much. Casino operators are expected to take advantage of this warm reception by the bettors and offer more features and improvements when it comes to their live dealer casino games.

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