There are many weird “how-to” books but when it comes to gambling we don’t want weird, we want something that will help us become better gamblers. Truth be told, most literary works about professional gaming are not incredible. They are either past their time or simply stink! This is why we took the time to do a comprehensive review of gambling books acclaimed to be the best of all time to come up with a list of the very best guides for the modern gambler.

To narrow down our search we started by taking a look at some gambling professionals and found a great list of books selected for Australian Gamblers including the popular titles “Winning Ways” by Andrew Brisman and the card counting bible by Lance Humble. While these titles are considered the best gambling books of all time, they may be too advanced for the average gambler and too narrow on the games discussed. So what should you expect from an incredible “gambling book”? Strategy titles should reveal well tested strategies for beginners and advanced gamblers, they should also give some new tips or insights on how to use them, present correct facts and address the issue of casino etiquette. The titles we have selected for you do a lot more. Only a selected few approach the whole issue from a professional perspective that has been tested and proven amongst the successful punters. This list contains the handpicked books that every aspiring gambler should read.

Nate Silver’s ‘The Signal and the Noisemaker’

Relying on instinct alone is a gamble that no punter should attempt in a world that is almost saturated with information. However, selecting the information to apply can be a hectic activity. Nate Silver guides punters on the kind of information that they should use for higher chances of making fortunes. From his book, punters can get invaluable information on how to take calculated risks and use data on the probability to their advantage.

Harry Findlay’s ‘Gambling For Life’

A lesson from a real-life experience is like no other. Harry Findlay has earned a top position in doing what he does best- being a punter. The book specifically addresses the actions of punters that can potentially lead them to riches for rags. It analyzes his sharp rises and devastating falls, from which punters can gather lessons. For a punter, this amazing read is worth all the time you can find.

Dave Nelson’s ‘No Easy Money’

This book prepares gamblers for the events that take place in the world of betting. It is a recommendable source of mental strength, which is needed especially when one loses. Its in-depth analysis of the life of the author offers applicable insights regarding betting and its associated challenges.

Ronald J. Gould’s ‘Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling’

Applying scientific methods is one of the secrets to a life of minimal stress and maximized successes. In this book, Ronald J. Gould explains the applicable mathematical formulae that punters can use to their advantage. It goes a step further to explain the difference between mathematical theory and what is applicable in actual gaming situations. Punters who are lucky enough to get this book can be assured of being steps ahead whenever they swing into action.

The Logic Of Sports Betting’ by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow

Punters can learn from other people in their vicinity. Matthew Davidson is an experienced bookmarker who proves that there is more than meets the eye in the betting environment, yet it matters a lot to gamblers. From his bookmarking experiences, the co-author explains how mathematical data, such as percentages, are valuable to gamblers. Of interest is the style used in writing the book. It is an interesting read that delivers lessons in one of the most effective ways. It is recommendable for punters who are hardly fans of reading.

Joseph Buchdahl’s ‘Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling’

From another perspective is the information offered by sports analysts. These people are among the finest contributors to the making of successful gamblers. This is the case with Joseph Buchdahl. In this book, he diverges from the normal style of literature that offers betting formulae. Instead, he explains the mentality needed to make good progress in gambling activities. The book is also interesting to read, owing to the content-filled text. Punters who wish to succeed at all costs should consider investing their time in consuming its content.

Patrick Veitch’s ‘Enemy Number One – The Secrets of the UK’s most feared professional punter’

Rising through the ranks to becoming the most feared punter in the UK is no joke. This book explains the author’s journey to this esteemed position. His wins accumulated 10 million euros within 8 years, which is a record figure in betting. From the book, punters can learn important lessons that can assist them in overcoming the challenges of the trade.

Profiting from Point Spreads’ by Daniel Fabrizio & Joseph Hunter

Looking at gambling from the perspective of a business is common amongst professional punters. This particular book suits this perspective by explaining the strategies and tactics that sports investors can use to carve out a successful career in gambling. Its most important contribution to the welfare of punters is explaining the strategies that they should apply to successfully turn gambling into a business. From the book, punters can acquire plenty of skills to use in the gambling market.

Any of the listed reads will offer you a great start in professional gambling and by narrowing down your search to your specific gambling niche, the more proficient you will become at gaming.

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