Business students are best equipped to earn money while in college. They know all of the tips and tricks of how to start a business as well as understand how to determine the market needs and build a growth strategy.

However, business students quite often lack a creative idea to start earning. In this case, the best advice is to analyze the target audience and see what you can offer to ease their lives and resolve daily problems.

You do not have to institutionalize your business from the start. Try different things before you decide what interests you and how exactly you can help people. After all, every successful business is successful because it offered something people needed to improve their lives.

Here are a few ideas on how you can earn some cash on campus as a business student.

Academic Writing

If you plan to start earning on campus, providing essay writing services is always a good idea. Should academic writing be your strength, you’ll definitely find your clients.

There are companies like DoMyEssay that can do your essay for money. However, you’ll always have an advantage over them within your campus. Classmates and other students would always prefer your services because they can see the person behind the business, and they can check how successful you are in writing. But on the other hand, they can also look at the DoMyEssay review to understand that the service can be trusted.

Therefore, if they need to write an expository essay they’ll reach out to you first. Why? Because you can guarantee that the paper will meet this instructor’s requirements to the dot.  And because you know how picky this teacher is.


You can share your knowledge and skills not only by writing for students. Instead, you can help them boost their academic performance by teaching them. If you are great at certain disciplines, turn your knowledge into a source of income.

Education is advancing quickly, leaving a great deal of material for students for self-study. However, very few can do that on their own. Students suffer from the knowledge gaps they have, and you could be the one to help them study better.

If you don’t doubt your knowledge and can explain the learning material to other people, do not hesitate to join a rewarding teaching career. Even within the campus, you have a chance to help lots of people do better in their studies.

Running News Websites and Social Media Accounts

There are lots of ways for you to earn on the Internet and social media. For example, you can create a website to share the news with students. The greater web traffic is, the more money you’ll earn.

You don’t have to make your website educational or informative only. Turn it into a source of entertainment and fun for your peers. You can share tech news for students, announce events, publish editorial content on various topics, etc.

The same applies to social media. Blogging and vlogging are extremely profitable. Given your niche (campus students), your profile or channel can be really successful if you manage to find a topic that interests students. The more followers you acquire, the greater your income will be.

Reselling Books

With educational fees growing significantly every year, you can help students spend less on books and earn on them. It’s actually not only about selling old books. It’s more about optimizing the way educational resources are used.

You can create a website for students to advertise their old textbooks and other educational materials. Whether offered at a fixed price or by auction, secondhand books promise a more economical and eco-friendly use of educational resources.

Also, this can help students who are looking for an opportunity to transfer to your university. They won’t have to pay huge amounts to buy new books. While writing their transfer essays, they will have a chance to rely on secondhand university materials offered at your website.


Campuses are great niches for promoting eco-friendly behavior and reasonable consumption. If these ideas are close to you, creating a business that promotes upcycling and reselling old stuff and clothes among college students will be a rewarding idea.

Many people have belongings they don’t need or use anymore. Their sales can benefit both parties involved and you, acting as a mediator. By reviving old clothes and things, you not only cut carbon emissions but also help people obtain stuff they need at a much lower price.

Moreover, reselling business is usually more successful within a small audience of people. Students tend to trust each other more since they have lots in common. Therefore, the number of deals has the potential to increase at a high pace if you do everything right on your end.

Creating a Delivery Service

With delivery businesses booming across the world thanks to their convenience, it’s time to bring them on campus. Given the regular size of college premises, delivery services would be in high demand by students.

You can organize a timely delivery to students’ rooms for a reasonable price. Of course, you’d be hired to carry furniture or other heavy things mostly, so you have to think it over and build a team of friends ready to help. The better you advertise your service and the more friendly you are to customers, the more people will reach out to you for help.

Final Words

We’ve only listed the top 6 business ideas for students that would be a great fit for any educational institution. There are many other campus-specific ideas that would be a great fit for any particular college. You should study the situation at your place of study to meet the needs of the students surrounding you.

Remember that lots of today’s business people started their ventures at colleges. They simply created a product to respond to students’ requests and improve their lives. Thus, if you are attentive enough, you’ll find something to fill the existing gaps. What’s more, most of these ideas require minimal initial capital. The only investment is your time and enthusiasm.

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