Are you wondering which dress style and color should you go for as a bridesmaid? Unable to find a perfect bridesmaid dress? Worry no more because this is the right place to find out all your answers.

Bridesmaid style has changed immensely in the past few years. Today, brides and bridesmaids are going for mismatched bridesmaids dresses and creating unique style statements with different fabrics, colors, hemlines, and styles.

Here are a few bridesmaid dress style ideas for you so that you can beautifully pull them off with your girl gang this wedding season:

  1. Go for the Same Dress style, Different colors: If you have a dress in your mind, and want the same design for all the bridesmaids, then go for it! You can embrace the versatility by choosing the same dress style/design for different colors. Just note that it is not completely necessary to have a rainbow vibe for the bridal party unless you want that vibe- then go for the latter!
  2. Different dress styles in Different colors: This is the trend that’s been followed lately. If you choose to opt for different bridesmaid dresses, then you might as well go all out for it. To create a stunning look, include both different designs and colors in the bridesmaid group. Stick to the same color family and choose different tones & hues related to your pre-decided color palette while shopping. Just make sure to see them together after selecting all the dresses—cohesiveness is the key here.
  3. Choose Hemlines Carefully: Brides and bridesmaids often go for different lengths of train and mismatched designs of hemlines. Ensure that there is a good mixture of lengths to go. Otherwise, the party photos may seem a little off if all your girls opt for short except one, or vice-versa. Make sure you stick to the same hemline or have other balanced options; if you’re opting for all floor-length gowns, a uniform knee-length hem, or different lengths based on the dress and the bridesmaid.
  4. Wear identical Accessories: You can play around with the colors, styles, silhouettes, or all of them. But it’s very important to have one design for accessories that tie the looks together for a pleasing aesthetic. For different dress colors, represent each color in the bridesmaid bouquet for mind-blowing photos. Or, go for statement necklaces and earrings for the same accessory look.
  5. Hire one designer for all: This is another option for creating a look. Stick to one designer’s collection. The bridesmaids can consider choosing different colors and styles from the same designer. This way, each bridesmaid shows off her personality while still wearing a similar dress to the others.
  6. Don’t vary too many features: Remember that less is more when it comes to different dress features. A good way of doing this is to only change one or two things about each dress and keep the rest of the features the same. For instance, choose different necklines and colors (from the existing color palette) but in the same fabric. Or else, you can consider a different fabric (lace, cotton, chiffon) and necklines but in the same color family. If you change much more than the basics, then the whole look might look shabby.
  7. Don’t forget the flowers: If you have opted for different cuts & colors in your bridesmaids’ dresses, the ultimate way to tie them all together is with neutral-colored matching bouquets. A bouquet can add a simple yet beautiful touch to your entire bridesmaid look.

Follow these tips and Voila! Girls, you are all ready for the D-Day!

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