The moment we are living in is unprecedented and will remain in history books .In the future, discussions about the COVID-19 pandemic will be based on the fact that human relationships and their reactions were the most diverse. Human behaviour depends on facts, extreme and sudden situations. That is why there is always a different version for each person when it comes to the global health crisis. There are very different ways of living the same situation. 


For some, phobias or obsessions with cleanliness may increase. For others, being face to face with a confinement that recommends physical and social distance from loved ones generates doubts and other fears. In addition, conspiracies and even extreme ideas can affect the way we see things as they are. And in the midst of all this, love and sex are among the most affected. 


The process of coming back to routines, even if there are specific conditions, generates tensions about what will happen. And of all the important things that spark important conversations during a pandemic on the planet, the discovery of sexuality is part of the ones that generate the most debate. 


The stress of the situation may be the key to generating less sexual desire and more tranquility when it comes to meeting someone. In other cases, there are people who find in sexuality an escape route to discharge stress and anxiety.


Skokka always looks for the best alternatives to make relationships between people the way each one wants them to be. It’s time for more love and less casual sex. However, there is an explanation for everything.  


That is why it is worthwhile showing the reasons behind people choosing quiet love instead of casual sex, which was part of the routine of many people in all parts of the world.


The new relationships. More than sex, love is wanted

Because it is a moment of uncertainty, worries generate fears and stop the naturalness that was previously predictable when looking for sex with the escorts of Sydney and Jaipur escort [valid where legal]. The younger generations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be among those who most sought occasional sex and fewer relationships with only one person, relationships that create affective ties

Until a return to normalcy is possible, governments are advising countless precautions so that transmission of the virus can be contained. One of them is to avoid casual sex as much as possible. 


This is when love and sex come to have different meanings. Evaluations about life in society make people wake up to relationships that create the bonds that were previously avoided to the maximum. Now, until the time comes for sex with a person, there will be much more connections and discovery of interests. 


Having time to think, time to study fears and learn to deal with emotions, allows for the search for emotional attachments that go beyond just having pleasure. What once seemed impossible now has its turn: the search for a partner who is more than just sex.


men and women hand


Post-pandemic love life


Much is said about the social distancing that the new situation generates. Always clean your hands, maintain the hygiene of your homes, wear your mask (which, by the way, is becoming the fundamental accessory of a daily life). In a literal way, there is a change in the looks. 


Now is when the superficiality leaves the room for common interests to be shared more thoroughly. This situation is perfect for connecting with people who, when all is said and done, will be left with some common principles and values. Even when it comes to meeting the most beautiful escorts in London.


With the discovery of sexuality as soon as there is social distancing, relationships begin to walk a different path. Talking is more important than kissing. The overall look becomes more important than the smile. Physical contact gives in to the gestures and attitudes that make all the difference. 


It is worth saying that, it is true that the direct impact in terms of economy generates a lot of stress and can trigger a potential crisis around the planet. It is when, on the other hand, relationships between people become essential so that there is emotional support when it is most needed.


Then, the occasional sex starts to lose a little strength, which does not change the relationships with the call girls in Mumbai. Adaptation to a new normality requires that everything is done without pause, but without hurry. It’s time to take advantage of it to meet the most special people. It is a question of learning to create bonds again, something that had been lost in modern times. 


Fdo.: Julia Santos

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