Marriage is a huge life change, and getting engaged can be a stressful time for anyone. If you’re planning on proposing to your partner it can feel like there’s a world of pressure on you. Here are some tips for feeling as calm and prepared as possible for when you pop the big question.

Finding the Perfect Ring

Arguably the most important part of popping the question is having a unique and meaningful engagement ring. Buying a ring for your significant other isn’t about paying a ton of money but finding a piece that makes a statement and will be sentimental for you and your partner. Currently, gemstone ringsare a very popular choice for people who don’t want a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Chinchar Maloney is a luxury jeweler that specializes in high-quality unique gemstone rings and custom engagement rings. Their handcrafted jewelry with uniquely cut gems and precious stones speak to their passion for jewelry that not only lasts a lifetime but also makes lasting memories. If you’re interested in a purchasing diamond engagement ring with a unique twist, Chinchar Maloney prides themselves in their rustic diamond rings. Their rustic diamonds preserve the small imperfections within the stones to ensure that each engagement ring has completely unique gemstones that are unlike any other ring. Their diamonds are natural and untreated gems, and they are always ethically sourced.

If you’re looking for gems other than diamonds, Chinchar Maloney offers an in-depth custom ring building experience for their customers. Some center stone gems they offer are emeralds, garnets, sapphires, rubies, lapis lazuli, and tanzanite. Their rustic sapphires are hand-cut and sourced from Montana. They offer different types of gold or sterling silver ring bands. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver, their metals are all sourced “conflict-free” and their gold is either recycled or fair-mined.

Avoid Bottling Up Anxiety

Now that you’ve found the perfect engagement ring you’re one step closer to your engagement. It’s completely normal to feel some anxiety as the event approaches, but it’s important to look after your mental health and be in the right state of mind before popping the question. Feelings of uncertainty and doubt can have dire effects on one’s mental health. The New York therapists of the Therapy Group of NYC can provide special attention and counseling to give you hope and clarity during times of discomfort. Finding the right therapist could be just what you need to work through any apprehension or self-doubt you might be experiencing.

Marriage proposal asking will you marry me?

Marriage proposal asking will you marry me?

We all go through periods of our lives where we experience anxiety or phobias, especially when a huge life event is approaching. By working with a specialty psychologist and therapist you can achieve clarity of mind. A psychotherapist or talk therapist are both very common counseling choices for people suffering from anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help people working through mental health disorders such as OCD or generalized anxiety because your therapist can create a profile based on the issues you’re facing and they can create a plan specifically for you.

Marriage proposal asking will you marry me?

The guy makes the girl a marriage proposal by bending his knee while standing on the sand in the desert. Evening, candles burn in the sand.

Even after becoming engaged the excitement of the experience may also be coupled with anxiety. This is why having a therapist can help with engagement anxiety no matter when it occurs. Especially when you’re feeling these things after popping the question, it’s essential to lean into them rather than ignore them. The Therapy Group NYC offers psychotherapy sessions with family members as well as couples therapy.

Working through these feelings on a united front is crucial for reducing anxiety. You and your significant other can be extremely open and honest with one another when in the presence of a therapist who can engage in the conversation and guide the session. Being completely honest with your fiance— or fiance-to-be— is the best way to strengthen your relationship and make sure you’re both ready to spend your futures together.


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