There are tons of ways to bond with the right person in your life. While some singles prefer being set up on dates, others go for dating apps or favor a mail order bride. According to  playboy, online dating is the 2nd most common way to find love among American singles. It is proven that the couples who meet online first forge a fast-track stronger relationship heading for marriage, and have a better love life than the couples who meet in person first.

Whether you are planning to find your partner in real life or simply buying a wife online through the online dating apps, impressing your loved one is the task at hand. People from different cultures differ in many respects. For example, according to the roots and principles of Asian society, Asian wives are quite easy-going in comparison to European wives.

When you fall for someone, you try to strike up a conversation or a date. But how can you impress him/her? Here are 10 unusual dating ideas to impress your beloved one:

1. Make a time capsule

This is a fun way of spending time together and getting acquainted better. It helps you talk more about yourself, your future plans, and become more familiar with your partner’s life goals and long term plans. You can decide on a later date when you or your future grandchildren are going to open that capsule.

2. Do some fun activities with pets

It doesn’t matter whether you visit an animal farm, go to a dog park or a cat café. Interaction with pets and animals relieves distress, makes you relax, and radiates positive vibes. Human attitude towards animals points out the main aspects of their nature. This way, you can define your partner’s characteristic features of personality.

3. Pretend to shop for your house

Pick a local department store or imagine that you and your spouse have just moved in together. Go ahead, spend a fortune, get everything on your make-believe shopping list. This is the best way to know your partner’s taste and visualize your dream life!

4. Do phone photography

Find the best place around to take perfect shots. Try couple posing and create long-lasting memories. Find out how creative and artistic the person you are going out with is!

5. Interview each other

Although you can tell a lot about a person based on their dating app profile, the best way to get your questions answered is to ask them. Practice talking in a formal way, take turns asking as many questions as you want. It is an agreeable method to be on familiar terms with your partner, especially if a question mark hangs over what has brought you together or your relationship’s future.

6. Do laundry together

Talk about tips for washing clothes properly, or just wash them all together and laugh in case of color bleeding. Realize how easygoing, clumsy, or fine-fingered your date is!

7. Analyze people

The way a person looks at other people reflects their own personality. Sit on a park bench or any other public place, grab a coffee, and make assumptions about other people’s thoughts and views, judge them, put yourself in their shoes, and roleplay their conversations. This reveals a lot about your companion’s inner thoughts and gives you a chance to know your loved one better through his/her judgments of others.


8. Prepare something to eat

Rustle up a full meal together. This is an innovative fun technique for spending time together and becoming highly productive. Taste preferences say a lot about your personality; for instance, people who like sweet foods are nice people. This is also good practice to avoid eating out, especially if you are trying to impress an Asian bride who likes to avoid unhealthy food!

9. Go to the playground

It always feels great to watch children play, hear them laugh, or even cry! They spread optimism and positive energy. It is a smart idea to understand your date’s idea about kids in general or your possible future one.

10. Do an art project

In case you are not an artist, there is nothing to worry about. There are thousands of super fun, easy art projects you can give a shot. Art reduces stress and it takes your mind off everyday life problems and helps you enjoy your moments in a calm, cozy atmosphere.

Bottom line

Most single people are longing  to find, date, and bond with their soulmates. Every individual plans to follow their own course of action to start a romantic relationship. Some believe that buying wife online gives them a much better chance of finding the right person to fulfill their needs, while others prefer to date the person in a non-technological world.

Feel free to use these  10 striking methods of getting together, spending some quality time with your beloved person, and creating the right impression on your date.


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