Breakups make us leave the game for a long time. Sometimes, it is a plain change of focus and other factors that makes us uninterested in dating. But if you feel awkward, even looking at the opposite sex, you need to change the attitude. How yo get better at a dating game after months of heartbreak, stalemate, and loneliness? Here is what you need to do:

Why do we need time to recuperate?

After long serious relationships, you might feel drained and unable to give emotions. We were so dedicated to one person (job, etc.) that our resources need to be replenished. Self-time is essential before you get back on your feet and maybe you’re tired of only finding hookups and short-term fun when you really want a relationship. It can be a fun distraction but often you’re left wanting a longer, more personal connection with someone.

How do I know if I am ready?

  • You look at other people with an interest
  • You want a family
  • You got the priorities straight
  • You want to go out more
  • Loneliness doesn’t bother you (you feel free as a separate unit)

When not to get back to dating?

  • When someone pushes you
  • Because of boredom

How to get back to dating?

  1. Time to build yourself

Before going to a club or entering Ukrainian women chat, be sure you are driven with positive emotions, nothing scares you, and you don’t have a more substantial problem. Go back to dating if your life feels like a meadow field without a hurricane of problems. If you have a bad phase, troubles at work, absence of friends or hobbies, don’t commit a crime of asking someone to fix you. You will instantly find a companion to help you. But what you really need is a therapist, healthy self-esteem, meditation, and hobbies. Only go date if you feel like a new person.

  1. Write down all your requirements

After some time of solitude, every stranger may seem super nice. But don’t fall into that trap and forget why you broke up with several exes. Remember about your standards and never do below of what’s best.

  1. Revamp your style

To enter the new life, you need to look like a brand-new nickel. Shop for new things in your wardrobe, visit a stylist or a barber, and invest in skincare. To attract a stable partner in new life, you have to look fresh and set the bar high.

  1. Manifest a serious partner

Don’t go for the type you dated in the past. Even if you feel uncomfortable meeting a new person, they will still be a better experience than returning to old ways. If you liked musicians, go for a lawyer.

  1. Hang in places where presentable people meet

Don’t go to cheap clubs to get a rebound. It is called “instant gratification” and will satisfy you like fast food. Try to overcome your cravings and save yourself for an attentive partner. You don’t want a depressive episode after a first date gone wrong, right?

Speed dating is a great way to meet people after a break, Naturally Dating hosts amazing events.

  1. Start with small steps

Baby steps are what you need to do if you are scared of intimacy. If you don’t like meeting in person, try to look out for cute people on social media. Register on dating sites. Ask friends whether they know single companions of your age or interest.

  1. Socialize more

Don’t flake on friends who invite you to parties. Use that opportunity to socialize and broaden your horizon. You can talk to people without dating them. Take their numbers, flirt, go out in groups, and make friends.

  1. Rise and shine

Get yourself out there by uploading more photos to social media. Choose bold poses, more alluring style, and funny captures. Let them remember who you are, how hot and single this user is. Actively involve in online conversations and don’t shy away from compliments. You need to raise from the dead after a social suicide.

  1. Join groups

Do you have a hobby? Great! Now it’s time to search for like-minded people going to rumba classes, doing pottery, even joining Facebook groups. These social situations will help you achieve a desired level of confidence and make new friends.

  1. Ask your friends to help you

If you yet feel uncomfortable going to social events, finding dates and communicating on your own, ask closest friends to set you up on a blind date, join you on a field trip, or offer to go to the party. It’s easier when you not alone.


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