This a rap music video of a couple announcing their pregnancy. It is really something. As genuinely, um, sweet? I guess? As it is, I can’t help but cringe at these parents attempting to rap. Couldn’t you guys have picked a genre of music that you could perform that didn’t make me queasy with embarrassment? ‘Where my babies at?’ you ask over and over. I can tell you where your baby’s at: hiding out in the womb wondering how the F he’s supposed to come out of there with his head held high. And no, not because babies got those wobbly-ass necks, but because damn! His parents are already embarrasing the poor kid before he’s even born! You’re looking at a lifetime of humilition brought on by the two people who gave you said life. That said, I’m sure these two are gonna be great parents. Embarrassing as hell (I mean did you even make it to the part where the dad’s dressed as a banana?! I can’t even), but great parents nonetheless. Congrats you crazy kids! Just tone it down a little, okay? At least during middle school. That’s already a rough period of time even without your dad dressed as a banana making it rain on your mom.

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  1. matsie

    Soooo baaaaaddddd.

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