A dog is not just your best friend for life but a part of the family. This is why they need a dog bed, but not just because they are some afterthought. Let’s take a look at why dog beds are an important part of your home furnishings – as much for them as they are for you.

Psychological Welfare

Firstly, a dog needs to be part of the pack in order to flourish psychologically. They both need to know they are subordinate to humans (so they are not aggressive) but feel loved

Having their own space, such as a donut dog bed, gives them a place to call their own and to escape from the hurly burly of family life. It has their smell and gives a sense of security. Everyone – even you – need their own space in the home and the dog is after all one of those members!

Linked to this, when you are away, whether at work or for longer, they won’t get separation anxiety that may occur should they share your bed. They won’t need you about to sleep properly.

Dog Beds are Good for Their Bodies Too!

The best dog beds can help your pup’s health. Whether large or small, insulation from the floor will help them keep their body temperature right and in the short term help them sleep.

dog bed

Over time, a dog sofa bed can help them with their joints. Yes, they get arthritis and other joint problems too. Not needing them to jump up on the sofa or your bed will prevent them from stressing their joints and muscles to make it up there. As with older humans’ health, somewhere warm and comfortable for old bones is a nice place to be too!

Good from Your Perspective

As well as being good for the pup themselves, dog beds large and small are good from your perspective. Hairs and smells won’t get too deeply into your furniture and it won’t wear out nearly as quickly from your four legged friend jumping up all the time.

The best dog beds are absorbent. Both pups and older dogs occasionally have accidents in their sleep, and this both keeps the fluids off your furniture and can be washed off their own when things happen. If the large dog bed has a waterproof lining then these fluids can be kept off your carpets and floors too!

Finally, a good quality dog bed will make a statement. Dogs aren’t like children – best seen and not heard! They are part of the family and having a well designed, good quality piece of furniture that belongs to them is part of your own psychological acceptance of them in your family.

FuzzyFunnyUK has a range of high quality dog beds made of good materials that can enable you to make that statement without one of those building mental ticks of regret at a poor choice in furnishings! Buy your donut bed for dogs today!

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