These days our lives are busier than ever and this could be a hindrance to getting sound sleep. In addition to this challenge is the physical discomfort posed by some of our beds. However, there have been technological advancements to help our bodies get the most rest out of our beds. This innovative power lies in the use of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds are beds with a design specific to providing comfort. These beds have a mechanism that lets the user customize features like the head and footrests according to their needs. But how can you use adjustable beds to improve your overall comfort and wellness?  Read on to discover the hidden benefits and all about adjustable beds. 

What are Adjustable Beds?

You might have heard about ergonomic or electric beds. These are adjustable mattresses that let you personalize the positioning and support of the foot and headrest parts of the bed. 

They utilize electric motors for you to adjust with precision. This way, users find the best positions or angles for the best home sleep experience. 

The main components of Adjustable Beds

The two main components of an adjustable bed are 

  • A therapeutic mattress and 
  • A unique bed frame. 

The bed frame has a special design that consists of an electric motor system. With this setup, it is possible to adjust the bed and manipulate the sections of the head and foot. As a result, you’re able to align the bed to your preferred favourite sleeping positions.   

Types of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds come in different designs and variations. However, the two main versions of adjustable beds are the single-motor and dual-motor beds. 

Single-motor beds

Single-motor beds are capable of adjusting the head and foot sections at the same time. This, however, limits the variety of positions you get while trying to rest. 

Dual-motor beds

Meanwhile, dual-motor mattresses allow you to make independent alignments at the foot and head sections. For example, the head section can adjust upward while the foot section remains intact. This lets you achieve a wide range of positions and angles for rest. 

The Top Features of an Adjustable Bed

Besides adjustability, these flexible beds have other qualities that make them the ideal mattress for maximum comfort. Here are the top features of an adjustable bed.  

Massage feature

Most adjustable beds have a massage function built-in. These massage systems emit pleasant vibrations. The vibrations in the mattress infuse the body muscles to reduce tension and induce relaxation. The result is a deep satisfying sleep. 


Often adjustable bed manufacturers pre-program the beds with default positions. These default positions aim at predicting the common lifestyle of its users. Some of them include settings for TV-watching, reading, zero gravity, etc. You access these preprogrammed positions by the simple click of a button. 


This is a special setting that positions your head and feet at an angle that makes you feel light. “Zero-gravity” stems from the weightless feeling this adjustable bed provides. It aims to reduce heavy pressure that causes certain points to sink while you sleep. 

Impact of Adjustable Beds on Comfort and Wellness

There are numerous benefits to reap when you use an adjustable bed. Apart from having an improved and pleasant sleep experience, you also gain therapeutic benefits. Some address health concerns, others promote your overall well-being. See the impacts of using an adjustable bed in your home

Quality Sleep

This is the primary benefit of using these motorized beds. With features that support customization and alignment, these beds improve spine alignment and lower pressure points. As a result, it promotes more restful sleep and eliminates fatigue. You find out that you feel sharper and healthier the next day. 

Better Blood Circulation

When your legs are in an elevated position, there is better blood circulation. This feature of elevated leg rests, therefore, lowers leg swelling and other such discomforts. So persons with varicose veins or edema may find this highly useful. 

Reduced Back Pain

Also, individuals having annoying back pains may find solace in adjustable beds. This is because you can keep aligning the bed to alleviate the pressure on your lower back.  It also reduces the pressure on your spinal curvature by finding a suitable posture to minimize the discomfort and pain you feel. 

Better Food Digestion 

When you lift your upper body with an adjustable bed, you find a suitable position for better food digestion. This also reduces the risk cases of acid reflux. That is, the food ingested into the stomach does not flow back up the gullet during sleep. An undisturbed sleep follows afterwards. 

Promoted Breathing 

Sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and snoring become a thing of the past with adjustable beds. This is because it lets you raise the head section. With an elevated headrest, your airways are unrestricted. Your sleep quality improves a great deal and you experience less daytime fatigue. 

Overall Relaxation

The height of its benefits is the less stress and relaxation adjustable beds provide. There’s no better way to rest and rejuvenate than on a motorized mattress. The adjustments, the massage, zero gravity and pre-programming features all contribute to easing tension, and muscle aches and induce calmness. 

How To Choose a Suitable Adjustable Bed

There are a few important considerations to make before buying an adjustable bed. In addition to a budget, you need to assess your lifestyle and demands. Your assessment here helps guide you into selecting the most suitable for your needs and preferences. Below are the key factors to consider. 

  1. Check Mattress Compatibility. This involves assessing if your adjustable bed frame suits the existing mattress. Otherwise, get a mattress customized for adjustable beds and gain the full benefits. 
  2. Consider Weight Capacity.  Your bed frame should not suffer unnecessary strain during adjustments. Therefore,  ensure you don’t overload the adjustable bed’s weight capacity. For example, get a family-size adjustable bed if you have a partner. 
  3. Gauge Noise Levels. If you desire a noiseless motorized bed, consider models with actuators that provide precise movement and less noise. This is good because when you need a replacement actuator it will be way easier.  

Otherwise, try slipping a rug beneath the adjustable bed to absorb the sound from the motors. 

  1. Prioritize a feature. This involves choosing a specific model with certain features. If you desire the massage features over zero-gravity and preprogrammed ones, you need a massage-enabled adjustable bed. 


Adjustable beds are the transformative agents of sound sleep. Consisting of a unique mattress and motorized bed frames, they provide customization features that allow for dynamic sleeping positions and angles. Also with massage features, zero gravity and others, it promotes relaxation, relieves pain, aids digestion, enhances breathing, etc. Overall, adjustable beds are the innovation that promises better comfort and wellness of the body. 

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