We now know what the fox says (I think?), but what about koalas? Scientists have discovered that male koalas make a loud and cray cray sound due to their funk-ass vocal structure. For all you non-scientists, lemme put this into layman’s terms: it sounds like like koala duder is belching. Belching like he’s trying to win a burping contest. And he just might take the prize! Just watch the video to hear for yourself. You might not believe it, but you know what? That’s YOUR problem. What’s my problem? More like my problems! I have a lot. Too many to count.

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Via: BBC


  1. Helen Crawford

    sounds more like he/she has the hiccups

  2. saracmd

    Sounds like he is dry heaving.

  3. faedriel

    Sounds like a dirt bike in need of maintenance.