The usage of social media nowadays is considered as a lifestyle. Many people use social media platforms to gain access to the latest updates happening across the globe through the use of the internet. Moreover, social media is a way for people to increase the attention and popularity of their content.


Additionally, an example of a popular media platform used by many is Twitter and known for its different traffic, may it be for news, leisure, or a professional business. Putting creativity can also match perfectly well with professional work. That’s how some companies online have garnered the attention of their clients, through hosting giveaways.


Hosting giveaways or contests can be a great advantage to attract more possible clients on the services you have to offer and spread publicity. Consumers winning from your competitions is the perfect way to grant exposure to your brand, but where to start? Here are some tips for running a successful Twitter contest:


– Choose a contest type suitable for your platform.


Twitter’s notable widgets are posting tweets, retweeting, and liking. Make use of these widgets that are suitable for your type of contest. You can do a retweet and follow contest that makes consumers spread your post and gain you numerous followers of your business’ Twitter account.


In addition to this, you can also do a question-and-answer type of Twitter contest for your consumers to share their experience or reason why they wanted to join. This gives the impression that many people have used your business’s services and that other people should try as well.


– Use landing pages for your Twitter contest.


A contest landing page (LP) can attract site visitors and get them excited for more chances of winning the prize your contest has to offer. These pages use convincing copies that encourage curious readers or determined consumers to keep scrolling through your Twitter contest details.


Try coming up with an exciting headline, then followed by high-quality written content. Also, don’t forget to add the entry forms widget. Having extra ways of entering your contest could give more chances of winning over interested consumers.


– Offer up valuable giveaway prizes.


Consumers would join contests that offer free excellent prizes in an instant. Valuable giveaway prizes such as gadgets could work but, more importantly, make sure to prioritize what your brand has to offer as a contest prize. Give your consumers something they’re after for free services provided by your Twitter contest.


– Manage and measure the results of your contest.


Don’t ever neglect the content and details of what your contest has to offer. Set and manage rules for clear instructions on how consumers can follow your Twitter contest to grant them more chances of winning.


Measuring your Twitter contest results, especially if you’re using Twitter’s paid advertisements platform (yes, just like with other marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Ads-Supply, etc.) can help in figuring out how many interactions have your contest post received on Twitter, and make some adjustments and improvements if necessary.


– Announce the winner and the prizes they earned.


Transparency is the best thing to do in Twitter contests, to prove that your business giveaway isn’t a scam. Whip up an excellent pub mat that features the grand winner and the prizes they won. This way, more consumers would also be interested in joining your next Twitter contest.



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