If you are tired of cleaning your cat litter box by bending over, scooping the materials out, and then disposing of them manually, you may want to consider a different option. There is no specific tool that actually is designed just for sucking out a cat litter box, especially one that can filter the cat litter that remains. Therefore, you have to optimize, and the best way to do so is to find a vacuum that has both wet and dry capabilities. It is highly recommended that you use one with a canister, plus you will need sanitizers to make sure everything stays clean. Here is an overview of how to choose one based upon the attachments that they have, their power, and the companies that produce them.

What Companies Create Wet And Dry Vacuums?

These vacuums are produced and are made by a multitude of different companies. Most people have used a shop vac before. This is probably the most common type of wet and dry vacuum on the market, often used in industrial facilities. However, if you want one that is more well-known regarding vacuums in general, Bissell produces many that offer wet dry options. They also have many attachments, and this will make it easy for you to clean out your litter box without too much effort.

Is Using A Vacuum The Best Option?

Before presenting the top choices for a wet dry vacuum for the purpose of cleaning out a litter box for a cat, you must think about the logistics of doing this. First of all, the clumps of material are often too big to go through the small diameter of the hose, and therefore it would likely be used for just latching onto them so they can be put into a bag. On the other hand, it does make it easier by comparison to using a standard scoop which is what most people do. The other option is to get one of the new self-cleaning cat litter boxes, yet those can be extremely expensive to not only purchase but to continually replace the trays that are often disposable.

What Is The Best One?

If you are looking for the most suction power, and multiple filters that can prevent the unknowing airborne articulations that will occur when you are cleaning, the Bissell Cleanview is the best upright in the industry. It has multiple features, and also several different cyclonic systems that can easily help you clean a Box within minutes. If you prefer something that is smaller, the ArmorAll wet and dry vacuum is the smallest and most portable on the market. For handheld vacuums, you will always return to the exceptional company of Shark which produces lightweight handheld vacuums that will be perfect for this process. The only caveat is that you are still going to have to bend down in order to clean the litter box for the, and it may not offer the exceptional filtration systems that come with vacuums like the Bissell.

Although using a vacuum to clean your kitty litter boxes is a novel idea, you do have to get the right vacuum for the job. Check out some good cat litter vacs here. It must have been an extendable wand so that you do not have to bend down. It must have exceptional filtration systems, including HEPA filters, that can keep you from breathing the dust produced by the kitty litter. Finally, it needs to have the suction power necessary to get the largest clumps of material, something that may still not be possible depending upon the size of your cat. However, it will minimize the amount of work that you will have to do with this necessary chore of keeping the kitty litter box as clean as possible.

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