This is a video of a dog loving the hell out of a leaf blower. It starts “We noticed our dog Jersey likes the leaf blower,” which begs the question: HOW? What are the circumstances leading up to realizing that your dog like the leaf blower? This is like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries except it won’t give me nightmares. Yeah, it’s gonna keep me up at night, but at least no nightmares.


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Via: The Awesomer


  1. Guest

    Do you really think it’s such a good idea to be blasting your dogs face, including its nose, eyes and ears with a leaf blower?

  2. 404

    Its not helping the dogs health for sure – but I doubt that leaf blower generates windspeeds of more than 80mph. Probably not any worse than letting your dog stick its head out of the window while going down the freeway (or stand out in a windstorm).

  3. The Pool Man

    Dude and Dudette, your pool is funky gross.

  4. The Pool Man

    Oh, and thanks for screwing with your dog for my enjoyment. But shouldn’t you be taking better care of your dog. Bad dog care + bad pool care = bad people.