You guys remember Regina the Hedgehog who made her own version of the Wrecking Ball video? Well she’s not the only four-legged Miley Cyrus fan. Tottie the pug dressed up like the wrecking ball from the video, complete with a naked Barbie version of Miley sitting on top of her. Vote for Tottie so she can win the $25,000 grand prize in Petco’s annual Halloween costume. Maybe then her person McKenna can afford some clothes for her Barbies.


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Via: Neatorama


  1. Tottie4ever

    Tottie is da bomb.
    Can’t stop, won’t stop.

  2. chiluvr1228

    I saw this on Jay Leno last night. Hysterical. This pug should definitely win for creativity!

  3. Pug owner

    Most definitely! Very imaginative and very creative. Pugs rule! As the saying goes….”If it ain’t a pug, it’s just a dog”.

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