Imma be honest, I don’t know a lot about the Pussycat Dolls (one of the perks of being almost 30 I guess…) other than that when they grow up they wanna have boobies. Oh wait, I’m being told the line is “I wanna have groupies.” That makes so more sense. Anyway the girls have some competition thanks to the Poopy Cat Dolls. These 5 sassy kitties have got major cattitude and they’re singing about cat stuff like owning the catwalk and getting pets and making you open the door for them a million times. Also, they’re shilling disposable litter boxes from Poopy Cat. I actually don’t mind being duped into watching ad because the idea of a litterbox I can throw away after a week sounds UH-MAZING. Unfortunately right now they’re only available in The Netherlands.

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