Moving abroad can be a life-changing decision. A lot of planning and preparation goes into leaving home and settling into a new country. Things get more complicated when you have to move with pets. 

While the entire process can be back-breaking for you, it can take a bigger toll on your pets. But with a little research and forethought, you can make it easy for your entire family, including your pets.

Here are some tips that might help you while you plan to move internationally with your pets. Read on.

  • Know the pet import laws

Every country has its own import rules for pets. Before you make the big move, learn everything you can about the new country. While some countries don’t allow certain types of pets, some restrict specific breeds. Some countries need you to get your pet microchipped, while some mandate quarantine. You should be aware of such rules. Also, find out about the guidelines regarding vaccinations of your pet. 

Call the consulate of the country you are moving to and get the most up-to-date information. 

  • See your vet 

Talking to a vet is an essential part of your preparation. Your vet will tell whether or not there are concerns about flying your pet. If your pet is sick, anxious, senior, or too young, your vet may advise against a long flight. 

Plus, your vet will help you prepare your pet for the trip, including checking all the vaccinations, giving them anti-anxiety medications to keep them calm during the transit, and checking any other health requirement imposed by the country.

  • Call the airline 

Call your airline and ask them about the guidelines related to traveling with pets. Some airlines do not allow specific pets to travel in cargo due to health concerns, while some do not allow pets to fly in the cabin. 

Your airline may ask you certain details like the weight of your pet, carrier size, etc.,

  • Trust the professionals

If you are apprehensive about flying with your pet on your own, reach out to the experts. Several professional pet shipping services help pet owners by moving their pets to the same country and internationally. 

These services help you in everything, right from airline bookings, vet requirements, pre-flight preparations, and more. They arrange a comfortable pet journey so that you can travel stress-free. 

  • Keep your documents in order

Moving abroad requires a lot of paperwork. Right from your documents to your pet’s document, you will need them throughout the long and tedious moving process. 

Ensure you have all the important documents, including the documents of your pet’s vaccination, in order. Failing to present complete documents will result in unnecessary delays. 

  • Make your pet comfortable 

The drill doesn’t end the moment you land in the new country. Your pet will need some time to adjust to the new environment. Take the following steps to make them comfortable.

  • As soon as you reach your new home, set up a quiet and comfortable place for your pet where they can sit comfortably. 
  • Make them feel at home by placing familiar things around them. 
  • Take care of their food. 
  • Make time for them. 
  • Make sure they are not very upset about all the ruckus going around them. 

The bottom line 

Whether you are moving for work or something else, the decision will affect everyone around you, including your pet! With these tips, you can make everything easy for you and your pet. Follow these tips for moving abroad with your pets. 

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