This is Monty. He’s a dog. A dog who can drive a car. He’s part of an animal adoption program in New Zealand that’s teaching dogs how to drive. They’re hoping to show us humans how capable and intelligent the dogs really are. Mission accomplished! I haven’t been this impressed since someone explained to me where babies come from. It’s weird! The video is a must watch. If for no other reason, to motivate your K-9 to pick up your keys and go for a spin. Just look at my dog Einstein. He saw the vid and he’s been driving ever since! And thank goodness too, because I had to give up my license a while back. You crash your car into a 7-11 one time and they really throw the book at you. I mean, c’mon it was an emergency — they had a 2 for 1 deal on taquitos. And you know how I feel about taquitos!

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