This is a video that’s been on the interwebs for some time now, but guess what? I haven’t seen it and I live here. The internet is my home! So maybe some of you out-of-towners haven’t seen it. Youtuber sweetpea377 posted this video as PROOF that when she does her morning routine, her cat perches on top of her toweled head. I guess people didn’t believe her when she said “No, really! My cat jumps on top of my head while I brush my teeth every morning.” Or maybe they didn’t want to believe it. Probably the second one, because: weeeeiiiiiiiird! (Jk jk, I’m totally jealous.)


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Via: I Love Dogs

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  1. Tycho DeLyte

    I’m pretty sure the Bloggess did this first – at least, she did this early in her career in Internet Fame, so it really depends on how old this video is. But still, The Bloggess is a cornerstone of Internettery and I am on her side in this debacle. That I made up. Um.