Remember when we saw that group of penguins in a slap fight? That was ridiculous. Now we’ve got a pair of koalas, um… in some kind of disagreement. It is absurd. Props to the folks who shot the vid in landscape mode like decent human beings, but just a tip: when you’re filming animals doing things, don’t whip around and show your pal Jerry giggling like a goon. While I’m sure we’re all genuinely thrilled Jer’s having a blast watching koalas squabble, there are more important matters at hand. Like, watching koalas squabble, for example. The people need to see!

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  1. Kiki Warheart

    They’re not fighting guys. Lol I think this is pre-giggity stuff ;-)
    I am Australian and those are not aggressive koala sounds. You know it when they’re mad they make a shocking sound lol