The Pet Collective is at it again! They can’t stop, they won’t stop. And hopefully they don’t stop, because ever since my bedside mini-fridge died, these videos are what I live for. Now they’ve gone and done The Notebook starring kittens. Before the video there was a YouTube ad that showed Bruce Willis kissing a baby on the head. I stupidly skipped it out of habit and I am regretting it. DEEPLY. What? Some ladies like Ryan Gosling, others are into the Bruce Willises and Jason Stathamses of the world. No hair don’t care. Why did I make two Miley Cryus references in the same post? I don’t know, but I’m gonna go put myself in time out to think about what I’ve done.

UPDATE: A faithful reader found the Bruce Willis YouTube ad. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my bald man-loving heart.

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