As a dog enthusiast, lover, and parent, you’d want the best for your fur friend. When you’re out to buy groceries, doing house errands, or going to work, your best friend might feel sad all by his lonesome home. This is why doggy daycares exist in your neighborhood. You can leave your dog there for the whole day without worrying about what they’re doing back at home!

How You Know The Day Care Is Right For You

Daycare for your pet must be a nearby local neighborhood institution that is flexible to all kinds of fur babies. After all, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Preferably it must be a leash-free program, with tons of activities for your dog to choose from and enjoy. The workers must be friendly and good-natured, and of course, have to be dog-lovers as well. Never pick a daycare that works like a kennel. It will only make your pet more lonely and afraid.

Think about your ideal daycare as a place to drop your kids off before going to work. You wouldn’t want one that keeps the kids inside all day. You’d want them to play and socialize. The same can be said about your canine. They need their fellow dogs just as we need our fellow humans for companionship.

However, a good daycare also accommodates lone wolf types—those that don’t want any other dog around them. A private activity must also be prepared for them.

Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

  1. Daily Exercise

Did you know apart from a good diet, what makes a dog healthy is their daily exercise? Exercise can be as intense as a run around the park or as mild as walking your dog (link: 10 minutes a day. However, each dog breed may have different levels of stamina and needs of activity. For example, dogs such as the American Bully might need to burn off more calories than any other breed as they’re prone to obesity. Thus, their tendency to run amok and engage in many activities throughout the day is unparalleled.

On the other hand, if you keep your American Bully inside the kennel or just around the house, you might find an anxious dog chewing your furniture.

A daycare is well-equipped for any dog breed, and they are well-aware of the needs of each one under their tutelage. During playtime, one breed might be allowed to play longer than other breeds, who prefer socializing peacefully or napping.

  1. They Will Make New Friends

Dogs originate from canines (like wolves are) and have, inherently, a tendency to group together and form a pack. Playing with other dogs can develop their self-confidence and just enjoy the day with fellow animals that get them on a deeper level than us humans.

  1. It Can Address Separation Anxiety

There are many dogs that are unable to attend doggy daycare simply because they have separation anxiety. Institutions such as Good Dog have a professional team that can handle jittery and anxious dogs before they blend in with the class. You can view website here to know more about it. Before they can be presented to the other dogs, they’re slowly being incorporated to avoid the shock of a new environment. You’d be surprised to find a lot of canines with anxieties before that are reluctant to leave their daycare at the end of the day.

  1. Your Doggo Can Get A Spaw Treatment

One of the most common services a daycare offers is grooming time, where your pets are subjected to relaxing massages, refreshing baths, and meticulous hygiene practices (nail clipping in one example). The best part is that this treatment is free if you avail of the doggy daycare services. You don’t need to book an appointment ahead of time!

Does It Have Benefits For Humans Too?

Fortunately, you can have a lot of advantages from dropping off your dog in capable hands. One of the most important, however, is the peace of mind you get compared to just leaving them at home alone. You can rest assured your dog will be in one piece, with nothing chewed out or eaten, when you pick them up in the afternoon/evening.

If you’re looking for a sign to give your canine a chance to socialize, play, and avoid loneliness while you’re at work, then this is it!

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