This is a video of the bossiest raccoon there ever was. It’s just great. A real delight! Full disclosure, I originally wrote that it was a squirrel, because it’s Friday and my brain stopped functioning mid-week. I kid, I kid — it stopped functioning a long time ago! It’s debatable whether it ever functioned at all! Thank Christ I have a proofreader and he caught the mistake because that would have been pretty embarrassing if you all knew that I referred to a raccoon as a squirrel. Haha, phew, right? That was a close one.

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  1. claireowl

    My window would not be scratched… get a feeder bowl that holds about 4 lbs… fill it just before it’s empty… and leave lots of water!!! Nursing mom needs water… you can domesticate these critters, and it looks like Rocksie is well on her way… We’ve had racoons walk right inside when the bowl was empty, and look at you like ” What is wrong with you!?! The bowl is EMPTY!!!”

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