This is video captured by firefighter Cory Kalanick’s helmet-mounted GoPro camera. In it, you see him rescuing and reviving a teensy kitten. It’s worth a watch, but it definitely comes with a big-ass WARNING: it will make you cry. It will make you cry, hard, with like snot bubbles and all that mess. Ugly cry. No — fugly cry. Blubbering like a big baby in an office chair. If you manage to make it through the vid without shedding a single tear, then you should probably visit the cardiologist, because you have no heart. You’re such a monster!

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Via: Laughing Squid


  1. Michael Isaac Hallberg

    Thank you to every Fireman out there!!!!

  2. Angel Ciudad

    <3 WOW! Amazing. :)

  3. Emily Newsome

    Let’s crank this to 11.

  4. Fern Thee

    It’s a miracle !!!

  5. Sandra

    The kitten died that night due to smoke inhalation! Takes the magic out of the video when you know that.