This is the Portuguese man o’ war. It’s a Siphonophore, which means it’s not just one creepy-ass sea creature, it’s like a billionty creepy-ass sea creatures called zooids that make up the entire organism. Little zooid duders have to stick together because they can’t survive on their own. Basically a co-dependent relationship like me and my cats. We need each other! Some might say that’s unhealthy, but I say mind your damn business. Don’t let its innocent, condom-y appearance fool you — the Portuguese man o’ war is super venomous. Despite its looks, it’s basically the worst replacement for a contraceptive. Unless you plan on the thing just burning your wiener clean off, in which case, sure. I mean, totally weird and unnecessary, but sure: that’ll work.


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Via: Schlecky Silberstein


  1. shobala

    thats so wierd i want one

  2. Hugh Briss

    Ever been stung by one?

  3. Cb

    The portuguese man of war has tentacles this one does not have them its harmless the movement is due to the wind its very coommon on the beachs of the north east coast

  4. Cb

    Northeast coast of Brazil

  5. marissafay

    bottle cap jelly fish there all over florida..thats what we call them at least!