In medical stores condoms are sold in lots. From many health centres you can avail them free of cost. Once you end up purchasing big packets their cost comes down drastically.


Where you can go on to purchase condoms


A notable feature of a condom is that it is sold everywhere making them super convenient and easy to avail. Not only from medical stores can you get them from vending machines even. There are no age restrictions or prescription for you to purchase a condom as anyone can go on to purchase a condom. But when it comes to the point which are the best condoms to buy in India it calls for a certain degree of research.


Some people feel shy to approach a store and purchase a condom. But with a little embarrassment your health is also important. First of all purchasing condoms should not be a cause of embarrassment in the first place. It points to the fact that you are responsible and protecting yourself and even your partner.


If at any cost you feel that you cannot proceed on to a store and purchase a condom then ask someone for help. It is better to visit a community centre and seek their help.


What is the size of a condom you are going to need?


Condoms are available in a variety of sizes. For safe sex you need to get the right size. The condoms that are tight might break or if it is big in size it could slip and fall off. This can pave for STD or unplanned pregnancy. There are lots of online resources for safe sex during pregnancy.


The best plan to figure out which is the size of condom you need is to try different ones. Firstly start off with a regular condom and find out whether it sticks and is in place or not. If you feel that it is slipping off them move on to another size. In medical terms they are termed as snug or small. On the other hand if you feel that it is painfully tight then moves on to the bigger size.  Once tight stick to the extra-large section.


Are there any age restrictions for you to purchase a condom?


People of any age can purchase a condom. There is no need for any prescription or you need an ID to purchase a condom. The best part is that you can purchase a condom from a wide variety of places.


Which is the best condom to purchase?


Most condoms are formed from latex that is a type of rubber. If you are allergic to latex you can choose the ones incorporated from plastic.


As far as effectiveness is concerned the right use of the condoms is important every time you have sex and no need to worry about the brand. All type of condoms go on to provide similar type of protection be it against STD and pregnancy. You can go on to try the different types of condoms to figure out which one suits you the best. Then choose the size as per your needs.

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